Monday, June 24, 2013

Email from Sam 24 June 2013

What a week!!
Basically all we did this week was clean the old flat, move into the new one, and prepare for susan's baptism.  We're finally moved in to a flat where everything is functional, and we have a warm shower :) now I'm actually exited to wake up in the mornings because I don't have to dread the shower.  On Wednesday we taught Susan the law of tithing, and she was totally fine with it. Thursday morning was her baptismal interview, and I had a prompting that I needed to call her right after I got dressed. So I called her, to her sobbing because she decided the night before that she wasn't going to get baptized anymore.  She told us how sorry she was and that the reason was because she felt like she was just getting sold to, and that we only wanted her baptized so that she can pay tithing.  Thank goodness we made that phone call, because immediately we went over to her house, talked everything over, and gave her a blessing.  The Zone Leader that interviewed her did amazing resolving her concerns, and she passed the interview.  That night we visited her and she was like, "you know what I think the devil was trying to play a trick on me because he doesn't want me to be saved" amen to that.  So obviously she got baptized!! (Ruby told me she posted it on facebook, Ruby is my favorite member by the way, even though she's totally a good way) I was so lucky to be able to baptize her, and had the privledge of speaking at her baptism. She brought her family and a friend, and the spirit was absolutely unbelievable.  No doubt in my mind that everything from day 1 with susan was guided perfectly by the spirit, and all Elder Pauly and I did was live worthily to receive promptings. that's it! Her confirmation was really good as well. She said that she couldn't drive home after church because she felt like the spirit was to strong and she was "tipsy" hahaha. It was absolutely amazing, and I cannot wait to help more people enter into the strait gate which is baptism. 
Other than that, I'm probably going to be transferred on wednesday, and I don't want to leave. it's not fair that you have to leave an area that you love. I'm sure I'll love all of my areas, but the people in the ward, the investigators, and even the random people on the street are just too special to leave.  I'll let you guys know next week whether I have been transferred or whether I am staying. 
Tell Spencer that he better settle down on the weights, because I have to be the best looking person in the Harris family (just kidding)  That's awesome that you got to see stephen, i'm sure he was an amazing missionary!! I'm so stoked that Mike and Brytni are still dating. she is so rad and obviously so is mike! I bet the rodeo was a blast with the whole family. I miss you guys! think about you every day! pray for you every night! and I know that when you trust the lord, all of your righteous become fulfilled.  Exodus 4?? maybe?? talks about Moses not being very confident with his leadership skills and different skills and god is like "Moses! what the heck! I made you, and therefore you can do whatever you want with my power!" We should think the same way. God created us and loves us so much that we can do whatever with faith! and us Harris' are so lucky because we also come from a mom and a dad that are SO RAD and love us so much as well, that our potential on the earth is basically unlimited. 
I love you guys. I love Susan. I love Eastwood. I love this restored gospel. I love Thomas S. Monson. I love the savior. I love my mission!
Elder Harris

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