Monday, June 10, 2013

Letter from Sam 10 June 2013

my most amazing eternal family!!
Another good week for us! On Monday we went to Nottingham, and had a way fun relaxing day there. including the most amazing all you can eat chinese buffet i've ever been to. haha i was at the same place Mike was at, the "oldest pub in great britain" that is underneath the castle, so i thought that was pretty cool!!
We have been working a ton this week with our investigator named Allison. We taught her, and she was loving everything! on thursday we taught her the word of wisdom. she understands why it's important, but isn't willing to quit smoking. it's so frustrating! I know that if she will try her best, with faith, she will be able to quit no problem! and see the lords hand in her quitting.  unfortunately we haven't been able to see her since thursday because she's in manchester until tuesday! so please keep Allison Foster in your prayers! I love her to death and can't wait to see how her life is going to change with the gospel.
Susan is still unreal. we had a lesson on friday, where we asked her to pray about something she was struggling with, and she couldn't even get the words out through all of her tears, she had already gotten the answer before asking! It is so amazing to have an investigator like her, because honestly, because of the power of the spirit, no matter what we teach, she automatically has a testimony of it! I cannot wait for her baptism on the 22nd!! Susan came to church yesterday, and for sunday school we learned about the signs of the second coming. It was a little scary for us because that is a lot of deep doctrine for someoen just learning about the gospel for the first time. she loved it though! and didn't really have any questions about it which was super nice!
I finally had some barbeque burgers and dogs! it was the first food i've had so far that reminded me of home!
Yesterday in church a lady didn't show up to give her talk. so they asked me to on the spot go and give a talk about my conversion. I was super nervous but I think that i had the spirit with me. and with the spirit with me it was probably a good talk! at least I hope so!
That's about it for this week! I love you guys so much! mom--I almost hugged someone this week. haha but I didn't. and it was so great to hear that spencer was on the couch cleaning his clubs just like old times! haha that made me laugh and feel good! for the package-just surprise me with good things, maybe reeces stuff because they don't have any here!
Love you guys way more than you can imagine. so blessed that we have the oppurtunity to live together forever when we live the gospel!! because i cannot imagine not spending eternity with my favorite people ever :)
Take Care!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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