Sunday, June 9, 2013

It's SUMMER Bam!

 Megan and crew had a pool party here yesterday...the yard was hopping! Michelle Lewis and friends came swimming before them...Bronson has moved out and Laddie has moved back in:)I LOVE how she is always sunshine and laughter! SO FUN to be around.
 Happy Pic of the week just for YOU!
Andre Peterson died this week. He was a great friend and mentor to Dad at Word Perfect. I feel my mortality. He was only 60. He died of a heart attack. At the funeral were so many people that have been in MY LIFE...a sweet reunion. LOVE IS ALL THERE IS. REALLY. JUST LOVE!  He gave us the Bosch mixer on the kitchen counter at a WP award event...he said of Dad "he slices, he dices, he gets us  MIXED UP :)"...made me realized we've had that Bosch 26 years!!!! My FAVORITE kitchen appliance EVER.  Made me realize a lot of things...especially about what I want to BE and DO and experience before its my turn to go. I'm writing my REAL bucket list today.
This is Roland Harrell. He died this week too. I grew up with him at church. He was a few years older than me...he was always laughing. And you know how you just know when a person likes YOU? Not the boyfriend or girlfriend type of like, but just LIKE? Roland LIKED me and I loved him for it. I'll never forget when he came home from his mission and had met the love of his life ON his mission and how sad the older girls were. Actually, they were MAD. :)Waited the 2 years and NO ONE got the prize!  And see him with his amazing mother? THIS IS THE WOMAN I HAVE TOLD YOU ALL ABOUT!!! The one who was surprised with being pregnant after 50!!!!! I laugh now when I think of how many times I held out that that could be MY miracle after being shut down after Sam. I'm here. At fifty. Nope. SO NOT WANTING THAT MIRACLE THANK YOU! But it could be sent to ANY of my kids :)
For their anniversary Uncle Ron gave Aunt Jeanette something on HER BUCKET List! Love these people. How blessed are WE that THEY belong to us? Their life and love story is one for the books.
 Mike getting FOOD snuck in...SO want to know how they pulled that off!
 Sam cleaning up RUBY BROWNING's "GARDEN":)
Here we are with UNCLE GORDON...and here is the facebook announcement this week from his son MAC:

Well here is one that will surprise a few family and friends. My dad left yesterday without telling anyone, drove to Montana and married Rose Daniels today!!! 85 years young. When I asked if he was kidding his comment was, yep, just signed the papers and now we're going to get some lunch......
Congratulations dad!! You never cease to amaze me.

My response:

Roses hands were cold and Gordon picked them up to warm them...the way he warmed them and the way SHE looked at him...doesn't matter if you're 85 or not...that kind of love still LOOKS the same! I asked Dad if they were together and her said NO. The WIN for ME! :)

My "getting out of my head and living from my heart" book this week was a re read of Robert Holden's SHIFT HAPPENS. My heart went straight to you on his blurb entitled "THERE IS NO SEPARATION"...I'm copying it and putting it in your package I am sending tomorrow. But the jest is just as Einstein taught "separation is an optical illusion". And Yasutani Roshi (spiritual teacher) taught "The fundamental delusion of humanity is to suppose that I am here and YOU are out there." Then quoting Robert "The truth is, you are not separate from anything, ever. There is no time and space between you and God. The same is true between you and your Unconditioned Self.
Separation is the great disease of mankind. It is because you believe you are separate and alien to the rest of life that you experience lack, struggle, conflict, illness, and pain. .......skipping several paragraphs.....Think about it! It is impossible to feel wholly connected to life and be depressed. It is impossible to feel pure ONENESS and feel and have anxiety. It is impossible to join unconditionally with  someone and be in fear. It is impossible to be with GOD and in hell........skipping again.....
Separation does not exist, and yet feeling separate from your innate wholeness can spread quickly into your consciousness, causing you to experience yourself cut off from Heaven, nature, from humanity and from your own feelings, from your creativity, from your higher self and from hope.

I realize that Robert is talking about the separations we create with and in  humanity...but it really hit home with me for YOU and ME...we are SO NOT SEPARATE. Everyday begins with a prayer for your happiness and safety and love and laughter. And each day as it progresses and more prayers are prayed by me  you are almost always in them...even if its just a fleeting...wrap Sam in you ARE WITH ME.  Robert ends the book with asking that we begin each day with this prayer "Dear God, today I give up the thought of separation. Amen" This is the perfect prayer for THIS MOMMA!
He ends with this and I LOVE IT!!!
                            IN ME IS ALL OF HEAVEN, IN HEAVEN IS ALL OF ME.

With that said, we all agree you've been gone quite long enough...  :) I so close my eyes when I am standing in the emptiness of the house and see you standing in the door way  with your arms bidding me in them and you saying "Come here, come here" and then I AM WRAPPED up in your hug.    I LOVE IT when you do that to me. What Seems a SIN  to me is that you cannot hug or bid others there to that same place. That is part of your magic Sam. I'm eager to see how you renegotiate that one!

The weeks are always so full. I am examining that. Do I have them too full? Something about Summer! I  want to PLAY. I want  all the worldly, make a living cares to just go away till fall while I lay by the pool and have BBQ's with friends and just sit on the swings with people I love. Ok...and lay on the lounge and READ. So many people and things to love. I will need a thousand lifetimes. I just made myself shutter when I wrote that. I am so NOT up to a thousand lifetimes. At least not today.
Dad is in South America. Megan is working hard. She's at a funky place in learning and mastering her new responsibilities at work--as well learning how to ask for assistance. Adulthood brings us SKILLS! She went out with a kid twice this week. That brings a smile to all of our faces. Michael and Brittany are as cute as puppies. Josh stayed in Logan but is gutting it through this nasty calculus class...he and David Chester are taking it together and spending  over 4 hours a day on the homework. Spencer has our house filled with friends again---HAPPY MOMMA! He is golfing most everyday with Joe Hatch. He starts work tomorrow. He's been getting out there...taken Chuni out a few times. He works out like a ban chi! He does INSANITY and then goes and lifts and then sometimes does it again! He is a good friend. I love having his sweetness around . One morning this week I woke up and was picking up the family room and he had his golf cleaning stuff left out...and my heart just exploded and tears rolled that HE IS HOME!!!  It's still a HAPPY jolt sometimes that its OVER. I am working on physical separation skills :)  Every time I have one of these type moments I am seized with gratitude that every one of you is so blessedly AMAZING...I can't imagine the heartache of children who have made horrible choices or hate their parents. Mostly, I feel that surety that no matter what choices any of us make....cuz we SO AREN"T DONE...we would NOT FEEL TO OR SEPARATE because of them and WE LOVE EACH OTHER. It also helps me to feel at one with the GODS and how they MUST feel when WE COME HOME.

So LOVE BUG...hug them to you with your heart of magic.....and FEEL MY HUGS from here!
Let me know what you want added to the package...I will seal and send by 2 tomorrow :)
Oh...did I tell you HOW MUCH  I LOVE YOU???!!!!!!!!

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