Sunday, June 23, 2013

STEPHEN IS HOME!!!! Yes Spencer is THRILLED! Sheridan leaves for Mexico City next Tuesday!
First stop...Strawberry Days Rodeo!
Dad and Meg hitting trail
Rachel Bean Engaged!
Cousin Stacy ENGAGED!
Michael and Brittany NOT ENGAGED but having TONS of FUN!!! At some new paint it experience in Park City...
and at the Rodeo! Michael left today with Andy for Havasupi.

Hey LOVE BUG!!!!
We LOVED getting the baptism pics.  It was so nice to come home to. I was in Florida Sunday thru Thursday...I LOVE going home. I worked Do Terra and visited with friends. I will give more details later when I can get my phone pics to post. I felt wrapped in happiness. The moss in the trees...Sirius radio, the noise the Katydid's make when its SO HOT and humid...seeing the home I grew up in, the lake, the beach, was soul building. I keep learning things about myself. I like to drive! I like to be by myself! I love spending time with friends with NOTHING planned except being together. I will send a pic of my friend Connie who made me a FEAST...JUST FOR THE 2 of US!!! and we sat on her balcony in Suwannee overlooking the water and just breathing in the humidity and sharing our hearts. I will know later this week if I have a builder there. I am SO crossing my fingers for this darling woman in St. Augustine! Heidi and I did our dinner out at this Italian restaurant called Francesca's and I swear it was the most heavenly Tortellini I have EVER had! That says a lot after La Dulce Vida for me :)

I got home just in time to spend all yesterday at a Do Terra Symposium we put on yesterday. I love the product and the changes it makes in people's lives. I am impressed more and more and more. Josh came home and we all went to the Rodeo last night. I got to see Stephen today finally...he is such a great boy/man. Life is moving on. Kelsey is here in the family room right now...she just brought over oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and to tell us that she is going to go Nanny in Germany for 6 months at summer's end. How amazing is that? Spencer is getting SO buff...he does that INSANITY every day and sometimes twice.

The book I read this week is called RETURN TO LOVE by Marianne Williamson. It was such a pleasure to have all the uninterrupted time on the flights. She is a teacher of the curriculum THE COURSE IN MIRACLES. I pretty much love every word she shares. I love her testimony of how every person we meet and every person in our lives is so on purpose and ALL for us to give and receive love.  Another one for the LIST for when you get home. GO GIVE IT and then SLURP up all that is given you!

I'm excited to hear the details of how the baptism went for you. AND every other little thing. I love you. I MISS YOU!!! This morning was Max Hill's farewell. He and CJ go in on Wednesday. Did I say how MUCH I LOVE YOU???  Excited for your letter.

Your Momma

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