Monday, April 20, 2015


 Laura and Kylie gave Megs a MOST FUN shower!!! It was FIESTA to go along with the rest of the wedding theme. There were sopas and juritas and chocoflan cake and fruit salad and....Mustaches and lips for the HE SAID / SHE SAID game :) AND SO MUCH CATCHING UP and visiting done!!! Its parties like these when I want to praise the head creator for all the LOVE and GOODNESS and HAPPINESS in our lives...we are just SURROUNDED by it!!! WRAPPED UP IN IT...and grateful.

Last weekend Meg's new Mother in Law (Truly ADORABLE -could be my bestie- woman) gave Meg a shower as well. Once I have pics I will favorite game was that they gave us all an engagement ring and if we said DAN or HONEYMOON we have to turn our ring over to whoever caught us... :)   :)   :)

 They made my house look SOOOO festive xxooxx!!!!

 Michael continues to lead the charge in showing us how to more fully LOVE our lives and our world. He took Spencer and other beloved friends down to ZIONS for hiking, exploring and bonding. NEXT time I'm going too...this time I got to stay and go to Megan's shower...while not at Zions...some analogous hiking, exploring and bonding most definitely took place :)
 Yep. I made BOTH of these :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)
 Life was made for friends and family and ALL KINDS OF HAPPY!!!!
OKAY! OKAY! I know you are going to be surprised...I've been reading more books and taking more classes....BUT!!!  I'm going to a retreat in SEDONA!!!The raised hands from above are now grooving most exuberantly as I dance the YES I AM dance :)  (Okay, so maybe I'm doing a little bit of Do Terra LOVE sharing there...but MOSTLY...MOSTLY...I am going to sit at the feet of Bentinho Massaro and suck up the vibrations he radiates and generate a few of my own. How incredulously COOL that I can go AND do some Do Terra love??(write that puppy off my taxes!!) I've wanted to go to Sedona for about 15 years...ever since I read about all the awesome energy vortex's that are found there. Yep...MAKING DREAMS COME TRUE!!!
 One of my sweet AIR B and B clients left me this book as an added THANK YOU on Saturday! I posted the YouTube of Daniel a while back...but this book is a slurp it up grateful for the reminder!!! Summer is almost here....if you are in need of a take me away, I'm on vacation type book...I'm willing to loan mine out. xxooxx
Speaking of loaning out books...THIS LADY below...SHARON LYNN WYETH...gave me a reading on my name that was SOOOOOO compelling. I have since slurped up her book seen below...(SOOOO MANY GREAT THINGS TO JUST KNOW ABOUT!!!)  She said laughing "Natalie...all 3 of your names together scream that you keep the book stores in business. There are few here quite as transformed by the energy in the words of book as you are. The books themselves almost feel like children to you--you are happy to loan them, but they had best bring them back because they are nigh to a child for you. :) Quit feeling guilty about owning so many...just be willing to share. And then learn the empowerment of better boundaries and don't hesitate to ask for them back.....she also said "You are filled in this life, and you find your HAPPY and hence PURPOSE in new ideas, in new mentors, in new doings..."  yeah...she nailed so many things!!! Her book is an INTERESTING definitely for a crazy great book group with you going through the names of your peeps and seeing again and again how this "system" WORKS!!!  Or...skip the book and call her for a reading on your name: 210 355 6115 or
LIFE IS BRILLIANT as my most cute English partners would say :)
Have you read THINK and GROW RICH? Remember how that guy had the nightly counsel sessions in his mind with the likes of ABRAHAM LINCOLN, Henry Ford, etc? Well...just divulging that Oprah and ELLEN and Yogananda and Christ and a preacher friend I picked up and my granddad and then a few occasional visitors sit on my nightly board...AND THIS CLASS BELOW took that meeting to a whole new dimension!!!! YOU can take this class by going to MINDVALLEY :)

I also learned  that I can get all my Real Estate re-certification at for only $108!!!!TELLING all agents...way faster and easier and CHEAPER if you consider your TIME spent running to the classes!!!!!
Another way COOOOOL life experience I have created is having people stay for money in my extra rooms. Did I tell you lately how much I LOVE PEOPLE?????? I have had several people stay so far and ALL of them have fascinating life stories with so much of the REAL stuff thrown in...I cannot get enough of hearing their way THROUGH...I kind of want to write a book about all of my peoples.

Just saying...movies to CHEW ON!!! The Matrix...yep...i know I'm like 15 years late...and then LUCY...didn't love the movie so much...but the BRAIN FODDER...and then...THE BOOK OF ELI!!!!!

So much to love and so AWESOME to BE LOVED!!!!! Sparkly and SHINE my chickadees...SPARKLE and SHINE!!!

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