Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Writing our Story May of 2015

This Peacock greeted me as I drove into the reception center where I held the Aroma Touch Certification Class outside of Northampton. Sometimes I have classes that are FILLED with women I KNOW I am led to meet. I didn't put the peacock and its totem together with the incredulous women of the class until about an hour ago...my heart loves synchronicity.
Meanings and Messages of Peacock totem: sight and sound, resurrection, watchful, karmic connections
The peacock is a majestic and mystical totem symbolizing inner wisdom. Whenever the peacock visits it is an invitation to view higher aspects of yourself through the eye image displayed on its magnificent display of feather plumes. The eye is your gateway to higher knowledge. Ask yourself if you need to widen your perspective and look deeper regarding a situation. The iridescent hues of blues and greens in the feathers have an exotic look.
 Does this LOOK ENGLISH or what? Wish I had more pics !!!
 Bluebells and Hawthorne. Becky is an herbologist thru and thru...the SPRING flowers are in abundance and she just pulls over and cuts big bunches for our classes of whatever is around...

 Look at this window...THEN look out...this Hall was built in the early 1400's as I walked up and down the stair way which is original, I could only imagine how many, and whose elses hands had touched that railing. xxooxx
 hard to see...but the woodwork was added in the 1600's...

 I felt like the BBC and me were at ONE here.
 You know me and trees...this one called my name and asked me to sit a bit.
 Just driving to our next appointment in the English Countryside.

 This is my NORTHERN ENGLAND TEAM xxooxx (some of them). We had just finished the Yoga Showand went to this crazy fancy MALL for dinner. I bought fairy dust for my eyes...these women are changing their world and empowering others in ways that inspire me!!!!!

 Sooo...I made a friend at the Yoga show...at the end of the day he came and took me through an arial yoga workout...lets just say that he is STRONG...and made me feel strong and BALANCED as he helped me to successfully complete the workout. People are FANTASTIC!!!

 Dawn the DILIGENT, ever working, constantly sharing the Do Terra Oil LOVE...separating our leads after the show...now the real work begins.

 We were teaching Angie how to make this awesome vegetarian celery soup...when I pushed the button to blend it "redecorated the kitchen". Next Becky took over...SHE DID THE SAME! Then Angie..in fear..placed the towel over and the 3rd time the top totally blew off...it was a new blender...took 3 times..but she's taking the dang blender back...we laughed and cried!

 Oil Class in London Flat :)  
 Coming home is always MAGIC....this guy caught a 6 lb/14inch bass...he has to release here..but then he immediately caught an even bigger one!
 My Balcony day or night is MY HAPPY PLACE TO WORK!!!! Got to get my hands dirty and love on some plants!!!

 You can come and sit in Heaven with me. There are 2 rules.  1. NO FUSSING ABOUT ANYTHING. Rule 2...you must share with me the LOVE and HAPPY you are creating.
 Mr. Moose is making a sure date with me on my Sunday runs....I swear he is BIGGER everytime I see him...the top of his back is OVER my head!
 Since I was on the subject of heaven...just sayin'!
 And more heaven...a momma house finch created a nest IN my wreath on the front door!!! In total synchronicity with me...5 eggs xxxxx   they should hatch any day. I am hoping they hatch before I head to Canada.
 I have been asked several times lately if I hate living alone...ummm...I DON'T live alone...I choose all my room mates...some of my favorites are OSHO, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Byron Katie, Matthew Kelly, Anthony Robbins, Marianne Williamson, Donald Miller, Doreen Virtue....this is a very very VERY full home :)
 What are the odds? Sam totally sprains his ankle and can't walk one day and Spencer follows suit the next day...I told them they don't have to do EVERYTHING together. No secret I personally LOVED that they were bummed up and stuck on MY COUCH for hours....   :)

 OK, OK OK OK!!!!! I am SOOOO a HAPPY GRANDMA!!!! This is Owen's first baseball game!! He hit EVERY TIME he was up! He just might have Harris blood in him after all!!! The HAPPY of knowing I get to do this part all over again...tearing, excited HAPPY crying...xxooxx I love that he had to have his batting gloves :)  SO MUCH TO LOVE on this planet!!!!
 Seriously...I WIN the "who has the cutest grandkid game". No question. HANDS DOWN
 Mr. Ethan...
 Mr. Oliver!!! More tears as I watch these guys love all over their new Momma. And then her on them...they made homemade gummy legos Saturday morning....yep...there are parts of me that want to do it all again!!! And I get to with them!!!!
 See this YOGI? He turned 70 while at the show in England. Yep...if you could only have seen him move and how strong he is...this is a new world. He totally inspired me to make some different choices...people are BEAUTIFUL and INSPIRATIONAL and so fun to KNOW!!!

Da Bammer at Goblin Valley with all his friends. WE LOVE living in UTAH!!!!
Really, I don't THINK he's mocking his momma.....????
Such a gorgeous pic of them playing capture the flag. Who gets a playground like GoblinValley????
                                                                         WE DO!!!!
                                  Pretty Sam was in on the pre world planning  of this place :)

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