Monday, May 4, 2015

MAY 4 2015 Love is all that MATTERS xoox

Today. THIS DAY. This family is official.
I am the PROUD JOY BURSTING MOM, and Grand mom, and Mother in Law.
TODAY. For the record, I plan to rock the Mother in Law role. Grandmom? Pretty much the SWEETEST gift the universe could conjur. MOM....there are no words LOVEY...just NO WORDS for all that is between us, on us, in us, over us, above us, below us....for all that is....I LOVE YOU.

I did NOT expect this rash of tears. Nor the HAPPY possessiveness of all of them BELONGING to me. Marker day. On this day I thee wed....and no matter the doings and beings to come...We've got this!!!!  LOVE.  Laughter. Creation. Forgiveness. Parties. Vacations. Growth. Singing. Dancing. MORE LOVE.        In AWE.

And hey...there are STILL yet to come OTHERS....
We are ready and WAITING.

Dan,Owen, Ethan and Oliver....oh were SO WORTH THE WAIT!!!!

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