Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Are you HUNGRY????????

In my dream I am alone,  sitting in a nothingness walls, no my current weight w my legs crossed. I am NOT disgusted with my tummy roll under my breasts. I am poking at the softness of it. Baffled that I actually LOVE it. I begin thinking of all the yummy things I had eaten.

Suddenly I am fisting BOOKS into my mouth, kind of the way cookie monster in sesame street did with cookies when I was little. Book pieces are dropping out both sides of my mouth and crumbling all around me...I am scooping them up and forcing them in.  I am literally just pounding books in my mouth as fast as I can. :)

I hear the sweetest laugh. I can't see her. I am looking wildly around. She laughs again. I become ultra aware of the nothingness I am in. I want to see her. Instead,  I FEEL her hold me. I didn't realize I had been longing to be held. We rock back and forth. No words are spoken. Yet, she teaches me. I understand in a new way. In my physical world I had knowing, but I didn't SEE.

I have hungrily taken in more food than my body can process and digest through, so it will stay with me until I do. I purposely put it there. I chose it. It will stay...until its processed through.

I have hungrily devoured masses of books,  the ideas and principles will literally hang all around me until they are processed through. As my body has limits of processing, so does my heart and soul.

Now the  ALIVE HAPPY BUDHA is sitting across from me laughing with his arms raised. He never releases eye contact or lowers his arms as his HAPPY wraps around me. I want to swim in his laughter. He is PLEASED with EVERYTHING. The Epitome of ALL IS WELL and BEYOND!

She tells me to really look at Him.....she asks me if I'm hungry? I quickly throw out...I am ALWAYS hungry! Again she asks...Are you Hungry? I am nervous to answer, I KNOW there is a lesson here for me to get. Once more...ARE YOU HUNGRY????

No words to respond, now, I AM THE HAPPY BUDHA and there is no hunger here.

I love me a dream of the night. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE.
PS Still woke up wanting my coffee and another chapter in my book. Grace. Gratitude.

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