Monday, August 10, 2015

Sculptures by FANTASY WIRE

  I came across this artist on Facebook. I am ENCHANTED!!!! I now have a FUN plan for my next England Trip!!1 I will go to Trentham Estate and visit these in person!!! In the meantime...he has these starter kits where we can make our own!!! I have purchased 10...they will be here sometime mid October...if you'd like to join me for a Fairy making day....let me know....

There are moments I am sure I am suppose to be an artist...and a Gardner...and a DANCER...and a poet.....with vast landscapes. .....And Fairies to applaud my doings.
 This one!!! With the KNOW how much I LOVE A WISH!!! The MOVEMENT! The JOY and HAPPY in their poses. I am dedicated to holding myself differently...I wanna blast my happy without having to put WORDS on it...ohhhhhhh....just LOOKEY LOOKEY HERE :)

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