Sunday, February 7, 2016


 I had an assignment I am.  Did it. Done. No, I don't like pictures of myself at 52 or 180 lbs. I have a love/hate relationship with counselors.  I decided since I didn't have a partner to assist in rubbing off the rough edges or to give feed back when I'm sure I can't see all my crazy... I'd pay for one. If THESE kind of assignments keep up I may fire that counselor :) Typed with all the love in my heart :)

 I run at the rec center...I was feeling fat and picked on that it had to be INDOORS with the snow...feeling old that I didn't want to slip...a thought younger years never entertained. As I rounded the corner...this sweet sweet man, gave me a lesson in GRACE. Obviously he has had a stroke. He could barely move...I lapped him before he made it to the next rounded corner...but as I passed...he was first I thought he was mumbling and maybe needed I turned..his old and learned face smiled at me. I ran over a mile in the time it took him to not even complete one!!!And he was still humming. I'm going to HUM more.
 The Texas Loves always bring excitement. Donelle and her Mom Marilyn are both in Diamond Club and I went o throw them a Big Ole WE GOT THIS Launch. Well...this is Miss Donna...but I affectionately call her MARTHA because if it can be made with an Oil she makes it and teaches the rest of Texas to do the same. I am the lucky woman she made that entire basket of bath bombs for. :)
 First time seeing COWBOY Church ! These starched and duded FINE looking  men were on their horses waving everyone in from the freeway.ALMOST made me want to go to church.
I spent the day today at an all day Meditation Retreat. We started at 8:30 and I went to 7. I am in awe of the world has documented now. I will have to come back later and write more thoughts. But THANK YOU Huble for the telescope that showed us there definitely are more Universe's. THANK YOU Apple scope for showing us the INFINITY of Universes. Thank you Marc Stephens, TM INSTRUCTOR extraordinaire, for getting me when I say how could ANY BOX , religious or scientific, hold all of that????

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