Sunday, May 25, 2014

Love from England

Ohhhh Mi Hijos..TE QUIERO!!!!!
I had a most ODD dream where I was dreaming in SPANISH and  spoke and understood as if it was my native tongue. I am still pondering it. I thought you could only dream in a language in which you had competent skills. ODD. Dreams are fascinating. The most fascinating part was that the dream was all about me sorting laundry on the line with each of you. We would stand at the line with all of your clothes in the wicker basket and one by one loved the pieces that belonged to you. As we would finish putting them on the line we would stand back and be washed in the warmth of the sun and the light breeze. At the end, we were all together laying on the ground with our arms outstretched just FEELING the love! Interestingly, there were 3 extra loved ones with us...and one was Olivia...yep...this curly haired little toddler that would get up and toddle to each of us with her loves, hugs and kisses. I LOVE ME a DREAM!!! Here I am IN ENGLAND, dreaming in Spanish. Like I said...ODD...but the adored, safe, loved, BEAUTIFUL FEELING of it is tucked safe inside.

Sam is an hour away. ONE HOUR. One hourS.

I had my first run around Dallington Park. I am heading out for my second. Pretty much bursting with HAPPY that my foot didn't even have a twinge afterwards. Taking Brene with me. Watched a TED talk of hers that had escape me. Everyone here is off to church. I am reveling in my private chapel...I had not realized how accustomed I have been to my alone time with all of you gone. It's sacred to me. I will be more aware and choose to make it happen for me.

Sacred. Brings my heart back to each of you and the clothes we hung together. Each article was bursting with love, each was so unique from the other....and so many pieces for each of you. As we layed there I marveled that anyone would have had TIME to hang so much. I am still awed, honored, that I AM THE ONE who got to handle them, hang them on the line with you for all to see. As we layed in the grass, the clothes swaying on the line, in the wind, played a magical melody and each piece brought forth its own tones...notes I guess you'd say...a perfect, truly enchanting, MOVING symphony. It was ours. It wasn't get up and dance music. It was FEEL THE LOVE music.

Wherever you are, whatever you have chosen to wear off the are exquisite. I can't help but think of Michael coming in at 3 or 4 in EVERY super hero costume we owned along with every weapon he could wield.

Love yourself. Hug people more. MISS ME. Call me when you can. Listen for the music you are making that brings the world peace.

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