Sunday, May 11, 2014


 Soooooo Herman had almost a double sized head when I got back from Florida...I knew I had to wait for morning for the morning the huge infection had burst and he was SO poorly. The vet had to do surgery to open it up and really get it cleaned out. He came home with a tube sticking out of each side of his head for drainage. Yeah, I can't look. The took his manhood as well. Hopefully this will keep him out of fights. I've had itchy welts and sneezing and scratching all week from all the love. I still think it is a mess up in the universe that I could be allergic to something I LOVE! By the first night he was already 90% better...and tomorrow I go to take him to get the tube out...if he hasn't pulled it out himself. You know how I say NEVER say NEVER? Well...its got me again. Yes I DID pay for a surgery for a cat. And, I'd do it again for HERMAN the wonder dog cat.

Photo: The best momma ever !
I LOVED that Spencer found this and posted it today :) I miss the days of snuggle naps where I crash before YOU! It was a MOST perfect day!! I LOVED waking up to having ALL of you on the phone. Sam...I LOVE WHEN YOU MAKE US LAUGH!!!!!! Seeing you is such a comfort. I LOVE SKYPE!!!! Michael...thanks for the pic and waking up early...Josh..thanks for the call and getting up early too...Megs...LOVE the succulent and my BAD A card :),  Spencer...we can do the bubbles together tomorrow if the weather perks up. And Don...LOVE MY Flower tubs for the pool and front porch!!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU LOVES!!!!

Once we got off the phone I spent the rest of my day catching up on Oprah's Super Soul Sunday's that I've missed while traveling!  I have to trainings to prepare for...but after hearing Arianna Huffington talk about the importance of taking a break and turning work off...I just melted most contentedly into the love seat for the WHOLE DAY!!!  Megs and Spencer started showing me music video's I haven't seen before---which you KNOW I LOVE...and then a few sketches of Jimmy Fallon..Today we've had master classes from Justin Timberlake, Alicia Keyes, Morgan Freeman....heart to heart with Elizabeth Lesser,Thich Nhat Hanh, Arianna Huffington...what a DAY!!! Megs downloaded new songs to my IPOD and I am ready to dance the streets of Lindon in the morning....HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!!!! I feel filled to the top.

I head to London on Thursday and will be gone for 2 weeks. THAT IS A LONG TIME FOR ME to be pray for me will you? My inner compass gets wacky after a 4 days. I am THRILLED there is so much going on in London for me to need to be there that long...will work to get 2 to 3 to founder this trip. Makes my heart beat FAST!!!! I LOVE my builders will be most pleasurable.

It so does not FEEL like May..I still haven't been in the pool since its been so cold. High of 50 today...ARGH!

I love you. I really really love you. THANK YOU for each of your parts in making me a MOTHER. Mother is my favoritest role in life so far. I wonder if Grandmother will supersede that? SOMEDAY I will know :)
Word on the street is that it DOES...but I can't imagine it being better than day to day with YOU!!!!

So many thoughts about living today that I want to MAKE you take notes ...but I'll limit it to just quoting RUMI as shared by Arianna Huffington:


Cuz it is you know :) All of it. everything is a lesson to aid us in our love transformations.

OK...just got to share Thich Nhat Hanh's thoughts on DEEP LISTENING/COMPASSIONATE LISTENING. He says that we listen with only one purpose--to help him or her empty their heart. Listening with compassion gives them a chance to suffer less. Even if he/she says things full of wrong perceptions--you WAIT for ANOTHER time, NOT THEN to come back and discuss. Just LISTEN. Just BE THERE for them, with them. (just like Kate Braestreap's book HERE IF YOU NEED ME) One hour of this can bring amazing self healing and transformation.  (My sweet Barb have listened to my whole life since I was 21...YOU ARE THE PERFECT LISTENER AND LOVE!!!!!!) PLEASE Childrens...? Take the time and listen to the whole discussion? It will resonate in your heart and relieve your mind that you KNOW how and what to do the next time you are with someone in pain or sadness or conflict.

It's exciting to wonder what our week will bring us!!??!! I will get HOURS on the flight with a delightful book...think I'm taking Mark Nepo and Thomas Merton with me :) I will need to prepare for my presentation in London..but it won't take 13 hours!! :)  :)  I will spend much of that time dreaming of being with you. So many adventures for us to have still...

I LOVE BEING YOUR MOM xxxoooxxxoooxxxoooxxxoooxxxoooxxx

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