Friday, May 30, 2014


If I am to keep traveling, I have to create some boundaries for myself...and THEN stick to them. None of the boundaries I feel to set would be challenged by anyone..except ME. I feel like I need to lap up every second in assisting my leaders while I'm gone, and guilty about taking time to BE while I am there. I realized my insanity a few days in.  We were scheduled to the hilt. I did not have ONE day for seeing a castle or a garden...and those are EASY bucket list items when I am there. I will NOT return without scheduling some planned out, see me some English Garden time. With that said...serendipty brought me to a town called Ledbury just before we went to teach a class. We were early, so we stopped. LOVE!!!,-2.422835,3a,75y,12.18h,105.3t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1s2WyARgnahUM9OFzAYZi3Yw!2e0!4m2!3m1!1s0x48704e180b90aea7:0xacd866100adce901!6m1!1e1
Go will be able to scroll up and down the street. If you go down a back alley you will find a French Pastrie shop with a chef who is adorable. It was raining (THE WHOLE TIME, all 14 days, except for one Sunday it broke), the shops closed at 5 and we got there right at 5...but it was enchanting anyway.As you walked the cobble stone street there would be magazine perfect gates with english gardens welcoming you down the path...and I SO BADLY wanted to enter and see what and who it would bring me .

My morning alone time for ALL my healthy mind/body/soul rituals is more than a nicety. This is a MUST SCHEDULE while I am traveling. It is a need. It is currency by which my happiness regulates. I spent some time on the flight home assessing and recommitting to change. I definitely struggled without my home routine. I easily get breathed in by the energies around me when I haven't grounded myself. Business traveling is another great teacher shown up to show me ME.  I have never liked being gone from home for more than 4 to 7 days. This 2 weeks was a true test. I failed --excuse me, I EXPERIENCED some more of ME  and openly admit new aspects of  myself. 

OF COURSE the Super Soul Sunday I missed was Shawn Acor author of the Happiness Advantage. 

 The other one  I caught up on this morning was Shefali Tsabary. Ohhhh childrens...I hope all of us can embrace her way of parenting. The second each of you is expecting your first child I will send this as a Momma Love book...but it...forgive me for my imperfect parenting...learn from all she has to teach. When you watch her you can FEEL her sparkly and assuredness. Just missing you. I was frustrated to be in the Seattle airport with so little time between flights..SOOO Close to Josh. Talking on the phone was good. Sending hugs through the phone really does work sometimes. I have tons more to say about BOTH of these light workers. I'd much rather you expose yourselves and create your own connection.

I love our home. I LOVE IT! The salvia is all purple, the clematis is about to burst, the geraniums and allysum are gorgous, the climbing roses red and lush. The grass is so green. SUNSHINE makes me HAPPY. The Pool MAKES ME HAPPY. Heading out there now. Excited to be there alone with the quiet of only me. But don't you worry...won't take much before I am missing you and wishing you were on the lounge with me.
Love hard  and loud and big...MISS MExxooxx

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