Sunday, May 4, 2014


Remember that kids book I use to love to read you ALL THE PLACES TO LOVE?? Where the parents carved  the names of the new babies as they came into the family on the barn rafters? How the paintings looked like driving up Zero Street in Salem? That book was always about the FEELING that it gave me...and yes...WE have SO MANY PLACES TO LOVE...and now...
ANOTHER!!!!!!! After Florida I flew to Atlanta and we drove and hour east to Ball Ground Georgia...well...I am just SMITTEN with ALL of GEORGIA that I saw on that drive! SO GREEN....SO ROLLING...and the Architecture is JUST RIGHT...I was Goldilocks...and the porridge was pretty perfect too! I hope for us some time in Georgia...
Photo: Teaching my first AromaTouch therapy me some Florida♥♥♥

This week I taught my first Aroma Touch Therapy Certification classes. This was the one in Gainesville.
I'm continually in awe at the remarkable people that walk into my life with this business. I want more time to just BE with all of them. I was thrilled and surprised that 13 signed up! Healers have a calming, heart settling, peaceful, relaxed nature about them that bring my fiery energy into a low burn. THANK YOU to Grace Hawkins for opening up her home and letting us move all her furniture to fit everyone. I breath deep with gratitude that there are now 13 people in North Florida who can share this gift.

You KNEW this was coming! THANK YOU AUNT JEREMI for suggesting this book! I am in love with this Marci woman...the second Marci with an "i" that I love. (Marci Palmer...miss you and LOVE YER GUTZ!) This Marci gave me my new mantra "LIFE IS MY LOVER!" Amen. Amen. Amen.  She has looked into the world and gathered LOVE LUMINARIES---people who give light to what and how Loving can be--and shares their wisdom with us. That was too cryptic of a summary..I didn't mean to  slaughter the AMAZINGNESS of the book...but I think you'll hang in with me for that long of a review:) ! You,  my LOVIES, YOU are MY LIFE LOVE LUMINARIES!!!!!!

Yeppers...more Brene...PLEASE PLEASE take a listen??? It's on audible! You know the drill! My treat!
Brene is one of my best friends and she doesn't even know it. I want to cry when its time to close the book or the audio ends.

Have I told you how much I love flying days?? I have it down to a science :) I board the plane with my headphones on...its an understood barrier in plane communication...and it means...I really need you to let me just zen out while I am 50,000 feet in the air pretending its totally normal to be up there. I'm not here for the meet and greet. I'm here for the zen. I look for somebody who FEELS interesting...I sit next to them...IF the ju ju stays...AFTER I have my fill of love tending ZEN...I take the head phones off, and magic begins.
Sue Gombus

Today..I met Sue Gombus: wildlife painter and photographer. Sue was a teacher in the inner city of Chicago for 25 years. At retirement she reinvented herself. She's NEVER had an art class...or a photography class...and now she is world renowned at 63. She DIDN"T EVEN KNOW SHE COULD PAINT till she started "dabbling around" after retirement. She travels alone because her husband hates to travel. I HIT THE JU JU JACKPOT with this woman. The Universe drew me to her.  I was sad I didn't take those head phones off till the last third of the flight once we started talking. Our connection electrified my soul longings. We believe in the same God that provides LOVE, NEW LOVES, JOY, OPPORTUNITIES, GIFTS when we open ourselves up. Another soul sister freely given. Joyously received. I am magnetized to people who like their own authentic selves.Sue is here to get bird migration pics. She's never seen a mountain goat so I get to be the LUCKY WOMAN to hike her up Mt. Timpanogos on her next trip. Sue has been to Africa the last 11 years in a row to shoot the animals...Go to her site and check out her stuff:
Another thing to love about her...she flies to see her grand babies once a month. She's living my dream.

I drove on the highway in a rain storm this week on the way to a builder recruiter dinner in Orlando. You couldn't see the road or anything ahead for how much rain was flooding down. I was nervous. The sound of the rain on the car took me to my childhood. I was on a toll road. We don't have those in Utah. You pay to drive a quicker route or to have a nicer road. I prayed for comfort and wisdom in knowing whether to pull over or to keep slowly edging along. I was flooded with life analogies to the storm. It lasted about half hour. In the end I was grateful for all the toll roads that have been paid ahead for me in this life by the car ahead. AND for the tail lights of those ahead of me...

I have been falling into amazing vegetarian recipes. I was served sweet potato enchiladas. I can choose this part time. Baby steps.

Herman has a bizarre abscess or growth on his left check. Hard to tell if its from a fight or a growth or what...he's so not looking well...will take him to the vet tomorrow...but he may be leaving us.

I was sad to not be here when Michael came back for a few days before his Alaska Adventure. Talked to him tonight and he is safe and settling. I was happy to have Spencer sprawled on the couch when I walked in the door. SO EXCITED for you Joshy that the Paddy Coins job came through:) Interested in an update on the elusive woman...xxooxx Had a sweet dream...think someone is coming around soon :) Megs came for dinner and Ryan popped by just counting days till next SUNDAY when we get to talk to Sammers for my MOTHER'S DAY LOVE GIFT!!!!!

You know how thrilled I am that the pool was opened...a sweet 86 degrees :) Thanks to Dad for all the work he did to get the leaves out and get it cleaned and ready. I am READY for SUMMER!!!! The bikes are in the garage, the air conditioning is on, the salvia is up and blooming, the partridge are nesting in the front clematis, and my fingers are aching to start planting the annuals.

A purple spark in my week was a sweet exchange with a pastor friend I have collected in my travels. Now we are pen pals. Life buddies. Heart examiners.  Acts 10 was the text. Peter's rooftop vision. I love Peter as you know. I feel kindred to the way  he holds the Savior as his bestie, the way he barges awkwardly in, doesn't keep his promises, is sure he can do and be all, and then dejected when he isn't. I hope you'll take a second and have a quick read. But the 2 shared thoughts I keep lingering in are these- 1-the need for RULES, but God's need for us to see past them, 2-What is it that is "unclean" that  we want God to make "clean" for us in our own lives?

I love you I love you I love you. As always, you are in my prayers. I wanted to leave you with this thought from the newly beloved Marci

"When you experience LOVE FOR NO REASON, you no longer need to look outside yourself to get love. You stop being a love beggar and become a love philanthropist, dispensing love, kindness, and goodwill wherever you go".


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