Monday, April 28, 2014

Love from Sam 28 April 2014

I hope you've all had a great week!!

Last p-day was interesting!! we spent the day playing basketball and card games with the other elders and sisters in Loughborough, then for the rest of the night we finished planning our zone meeting.  

On Tuesday we presented our zone meeting about how to teach for conversion, where we taught our missionaries new ways to teach our investigators how to receive personal revelation through prayer, scripture study, and attending church. We also presented a training on the importance of members in missionary work, and rededicating ourselves to a higher commitment to follow the savior. It was a good meeting and I learned a lot from preparing for it.  After zone meeting we were asked by President Rasmussen to drive to Peterborough, and then to Nottingham, and then to Birmingham, to take a couple of struggling missionaries to the mission home who wanted to leave their missions. the trip was all in all about 5 hours, and traveling is so exhausting! We were so tired.  

Starting Wednesday we started getting blessed like crazy. Most of the people we were talking to started accepting return appointments, and actually kept! we received 8 new Investigators this week! 

Jill is making a lot of progress! she has once again committed to quit smoking and has gone 6 days! her baptism will be on the 10th of May, and yesterday at church she was telling everyone how exited she was for it. She is such a blessing in my life!  

We found this way sweet Investigator named Virginia who is half-chinese but has lived in England her whole life! she came to church yesterday and is enjoying the lessons that we are teaching her. It's so frusrating teaching her sometimes because we think about things so differently. I am converted to the gospel because of my spiritual experiences rather than my logic of how it all makes sense, and it's hard for me to relate to somebody who needs logic! We would love your prayers this week especially for Virginia, Jill, and Jerry.  

I got to go on exchange with one of my favorite companions elder debeikes this week! it was awesome! we worked really hard and had loads of fun, it felt like we never quit serving together. 

This week my testimony was strengthened so much!! I am soo lucky that I have been raised in this gospel and from the teachings of our savior Jesus Christ. I know that god visits his children in their trials! I am on a mission because of my knowledge that people can overcome anything and become truly happy through repenting and turning towards Jesus Christ. The atonement covers EVERYTHING that we go through. So.. When we go through trials, we don't always understand why it's happening. It would be really nice to know! However, one thing is certain, that our savior felt these same pains and burdens we felt, and he overcame them. and because of this, he knows exactly how to help us through each of our trials. I am at peace in my life! and I'm grateful for the oppurtunities that I have had and will have  to practice overcoming trials.  We can't always see how something is going to work out in the end, but it always will. If we dedicate our lives to loving and serving others so that they can enjoy the blessings of the atonement, we are promised eternal happiness, no matter what! pretty cool! I love you all, have a great week. Trials are important and hard!! help the savior carry you through all of yours.  

Elder Harris. 

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