Sunday, April 6, 2014


 I do not ever intend to compete with your conference weekend. But I hope SOME weekend or week middle or week beginning you will find this man's interview's on Oprah's Super Soul Sunday and entwine your soul with his. I HAVE SET MY HEART ON FIRE with the fanning of his flames of knowings.

He said a couple dozen things that made my heart leap and joy....just a few:
"I went through a door and once I went through it there was no way to go back...that place didn't exist for ME anymore"
"Whatever opens us is never as important and what we are opened to..."
"A cocoon for a butterfly after it has left does not mean it is false, only that the cocoon has served its purpose and has moved on...."  WHOA. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa.
If you love to must SING!   SO...since I love to DANCE...I MUST DANCE!
 I've just ordered his book 7,000 ways to Listen.
Megs came in while I was drinking him in...I said  "I don't think I really want to live life...I just want to spend all my time learning about how others think it can be done"...Megs says THAT IS NOT TRUE. We laughed. Then I said "'re right. I want to be messy in the middle of ALL of it. I guess I just want to not have to spend hours working--I want to  spend all my time learning  and living it". Again Megs says THAT IS NOT TRUE. More joint laughter at the daughter calling a mother on her truth. I love all my work. I have been so blessed that way. So the truth...I ask for enough hours left here to read all I want to read, sit and bask at the feet of all that have come that keep my curiosity at its upmost peaks, To be able to PRACTICE what I come to know.... TO HAVE MORE HOURS IN EACH DAY, IN EACH WEEK to be able to ingest all that is calling to me.....for my soul to soak it up and try it have the quiet, and time to BE what sings inside me. And of DANCE with the music LOUD:)

I loved when he said " When we come, we are asked to learn to ASK for what we need only to practice ACCEPTING what we are given". That is a duality I know personally. I may be close to perfection in the Accepting the lines are fuzzy..."IN THERE" somewhere is MY freewill and my abilities and my efforts and MY MY MY....will I one day have the trust and faith to just let life come to me? He speaks of SURRENDER and how it is like a fish in the current and just giving into it...he talked of how we all have our current and own flow. So many currents I am strong enough to breech. So much flow.

Now to biking terms...I LOVE to be in and feel the draft of a powerful guide...I also enjoy the unobstructed view of taking the lead. I JOY that each of us has that unobstructed view of traveling our own lives no matter who may be the guide of the draft we feel.

Will you go back now and read his poem again?
You must give freely.
FEAR WASTES AIR...think that is going somewhere BIG outside by the pool...
Love you messy, love you deep, love you REAL,

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