Sunday, April 13, 2014

National Siblings Day AND the week of 7th thru the 12th of April :)

 So yeah...Megs flew into Seattle on April 10th,...National Siblings Day. Spencer flew in the next day. I had arrived on Tuesday and had Do Terra Classes with LauraJane Burke..builder extraordinare:) Sam, you were SO MISSED...but the ridiculously GOOD NEWS is that NEXT year...whatever they plan...YOU WILL BE HOME and APART!!! Let the planning begin! True to form...MUCH GOOD FOOD was consumed. I personally recommend the chicken flauta at CACTUS restaurant.
 Night one at Cheesecake :)
 The boys left on their road trip and I left yesterday. Michael's friend took Megsalina sailing today she is back tonight:)
 She treated herself to Pike's Market flowers.
 Sibling breakfast:)
Last night they went to the Mariners game...yes, even Josh.
Thought you'd want to see what Leslie posted this week on the T Wolves:
Hey baseball fans! The hubs and his team got a TRIPLE PLAY today! A 5-4-3 TRIPLE PLAY! That's a big darn deal in HS baseball, cuz it just don't happen, EVER! Congrats to the T-Wolves.....on the play, and the win! #twolvesbaseball #timpanogos#coachkim #helooksgoodinbaseballpants
LOOK WHO IS HOME!!!! xxooxxooxxooxx
 And here is THE HERMANO.....xxooxxooxxooxx we need a heart symbol!

Hello Loves. What a great week. were with us in Spirit! The weather here is still fickle. Will have to improve greatly to open the pool by the 22nd when you are back home. Crazy wind storm last night---it woke me at 1:30 am and I seriously considered moving into the family room incase the bedroom windows blew in.

I am fat. Fatter than I've ever been. I take accountability. I have eaten some DELICIOUS food since Aug 11th when my bet with Robyn ended. About 36 pounds worth to be exact. Seems like it shouldn't be possible to gain that much in 8 months. I can't fuss. It's been really nice to just NOT WORRY about it. Alas, the time has come to love myself in a new way/weigh :) The LAST time I was heavy and lost it I swore that would be the LAST time. Argh....still that all or nothing girl. Woman. Older female. Noted. Creator self now rushing in to transformation.

Right foot plantar faciitis rearing its head. Back to writing on my foot again. At least I feel confident that it can be healed since it worked on the neuroma:)

I miss running. ALOT. Everywhere I drove in Seattle and Tacoma I saw places my feet longed to trail over. Soon dear body. Soon.

In Tacoma with a new friend I met in an airport a few months ago I learned I REALLY LOVE blown glass. The bridge from her condo into the city center has several pieces by this artist DALE CHIHULY.  The Glass museum was right next door to her condo! We walked the city and his mark was everywhere...and then in Bellevue in  the plaza Michael works in, he had this fascinating chandelier! It was on my bucket list before to have a go at creating something after watching at Sundance. And remember when Josh went with that prom date and they blew glass? NOW...I am enchanted. See that arbor??? LET'S CREATE IT!!! On the 21st I already had an appointment with another new friend (Gay Wyn) to watch her blow the awards for some government "do"....Synchronicity is my favorite!

 I wonder that it will hold in fierce wind?

 Each piece screams FUN AND FREE!
 This needs to go on the west side of the house before you come into the pool area....:)

I love you BIG!!! I'm excited to hear the report on the road trip. I'm excited to hear Sam's report on Gifty's baptism. Sammers,  I waved my magic wand over Loughborough.  I asked the energies of the earth to combine and create the most loving, memorable, happy  and interesting experiences for you in the time you have left. You are a powerful creator in your own right...but it never hurts to ask for assistance...especially when your GOOD is SOOOOOOO GOOD. 

Dad says that Bubba's win would make us all cry. Love our Bubba. "Our" ...makes me smile. He is claimed by so many. I am posting the only Youtube of it next...sorry its not the actual footage where he sinks it and cries like a baby...once that is out I will add it here. Humility endears our souls. 

I am home for almost 2 whole is crammed with real estate. I want to send you a picture of my new assistant. She is remarkable...I might have hired her for her scrumptious baby Emmett. SO PLEASED that she is beyond what I hoped ...I would have hired an assistant a LONG time ago if I'd know the JOY of giving over the stuff I hate...who KNEW that there are people out there that LIKE accounting and arranging flights and organizing email contacts with phone contacts and and and.....

The boys were mocking me for my worrying about your safety.  Yep. Its a thing with me. I laughed myself as we were crossing a street in downtown Bellevue and Joshy was lagging as the orange seconds were ticking off...i even said...Josh...don't make me nervous about you! It's really stayed with me. WHERE DID/DOES THAT COME FROM ??? I'm going to do a meditation or two on that. Your SAFTEY is a BIG DEAL to me.  To think I had 4 sons that think sky diving is THE ULTIMATE on the family Hawaii vacation. And the whole HATING to think of anyone being COLD!?!

We all know I have my crazy. Well...multiple crazies. I really felt relief when I realized that I NEVER worry about WHO you are and the choices you make. One day you will know the gift that is to ME from you. THANK YOU. Thank you. TAKE YOUR JACKETS!!!!!

This Momma LOVES YOU!!!!

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