Saturday, April 19, 2014

19 April 2014 Joying My Way to JOY!!! Join Me!

It's been nice to be home all week. I'm excited for Spencer and Josh to get here tomorrow from St. George on the shuttle...Michael decided he will follow on Tuesday or Wednesday...he is hiking in Zion's.

I'm sad its too cool to open the pool.

Went shopping with Megs and Laura today and got cute stuff for Meg's apartment and some HAPPY pool pillows to put on the chaise lounges. I AM SO READY FOR SUN and FUN with our friends.

I don't have pics this week...I will snap one of Scott Cooper at his Homecoming tomorrow...and get some of the brothers once they arrive.

I've just worked like crazy all week while reading two between times...
Illusions  The Adventure of the Reluctant Messiah by Richard Back and  tiny beautiful things by Carol Strayed. I know you are all tired of my book reviews..I hope one day you will find your way to both of these heart awakening voices.

Remember the book THE DREAM MANAGER by Matthew Kelly I read?

 And told you I wanted to lead my Do Terra Team by focusing on achieving their dreams? defining them and putting dates to it? I hired a MOST GIFTED, knows how to get to the core of your stuff, and spill your heart out, coach today. Her name is Erin Ginkle. I am sucking in ALL the Universe is bringing to me. I want to add each of your dreams to the big calender of my "tribe". Once we get all the nuances defined, I am setting up an appointment for EACH OF YOU KIDS....(ok, IF you want). The idea is that you meet with her once a quarter and get some real DREAMS defined with dates on them and then she assists and hold you accountable for getting there. Of course my "tribe" will use Do Terra as their financial vehicle...but all of your choices will be perfect as well. SOOO...pretty please...start making your dream lists....I'm asking my team for 100 a piece...big, small, medium, ....all are JUST RIGHT. I'm excited to see and talk with you about yours. I LOVE BEING A CREATOR!!!!!!! Below is Erin can feel her from her photo.

I am dreaming a READING vacation by the pool...where I read 3 books straight. No working. No leaving. I am dreaming parties by the least ONE dancing...maybe we could get Ryan to come again. I am dreaming of building the pool house...kind of ready for the POOL to open!

Who hasn't had their Natal Chart session with Michelle Gould yet???? You are SOOOO gonna wanna! Megs had hers this week and LOVED it...ASK her! Michelle is just waiting.

Yeah. I hate that you are all over the place and that no one has been here to dye eggs. We are going to tomorrow after awesome dinner..and then we're going to roll them once Michael gets home. AND your going to HUNT...and are going to LOVE it!!! Adult prize eggs are maybe even MORE fun than the chocolate ones or the ones with $5 dollars....Sammer's...I'm bringing you a rockin' package in May so you are NOT forgotten.

Sams...thank you for the eating tip...I've lost 6 pounds this week...its always fast the first week...probably not going to weigh next week to keep the energy buzz of it head is so whacked when it comes to weight...I hope I haven't passed that on. I just think I deserve a big award for passing up the Cadbury mini eggs SO MANY TIMES NOW...they seem to be everywhere now that I am choosing NOT to have them.

I wanted to share this quote with you...I BELIEVE IT with all my heart. WE JOY OUR WAY TO JOY:

Life is supposed to be fun. You said, "I'll go forth and choose. I'll look at the data, and I'll say yes to this and yes to this and yes to this; and I'll paint a picture of the things that I want, and I'll vibrate about them because that's what I'm giving my attention to. And the Universe will respond to my vibration. And then I'll stand in a new place where a whole new batch of yeses are available, and I'll say yes to this and yes to this and yes to this." You did not say, "I'll go forth and struggle into joy," because from your Nonphysical Perspective you know it is vibrationally not possible. You cannot struggle to joy. Struggle and joy are not on the same channel. You joy your way to joy. You laugh your way to success. It is through your joy that good things come. -Abraham

I love you. Every day I wake with a prayer that your goodness continues to burst forth. Everyday throughout the day I miss you....and I always wonder what each of you are doing at exactly THAT moment. Hurry home my Chickadees...Hurry Home.

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