Sunday, April 6, 2014

 This is backwards...just a bit after England I went to Columbus Ohio to finish my certification with Dr. Hill in Aroma Touch with the oils. Dr. Hill is brilliant. And I'm not using that word  because I just got back from England. I LOVE to be with educated and knowledgeable people...what am I saying, I really love most people. But the ones further along the path than me in certain areas really rocks my soul!
England was fast paced and super successful, so this trip was a much needed break. I was sad to be just far enough away from my Aunt Sheri to not be able to get to her and back. But the evenings were DELICIOUS with reading and planning.
The training was held next to this HUGE cheer event...I was never so overcome with the claustrophobic feelings of what it would be like to live in a world of clones....they all seemed to be dressed the same. The sameness was oddly suffocating. It made me rethink my feelings on school uniforms. Eirely odd since they were all smiling and super charged with energy.
 ENGLAND!!!! This is Becky!!! My first and MOST RIDICULOUSLY OFF THE CHARTS BUILDER!!! Look for her name in the annuals of will find her there in less than a year I promise. This is the Do Terra distribution center for all of Europe...yes...we were SO EXCITED to be there!

 Here we are with the TOP Management...brown nosing immediately. Actually didn't need to...they are so dear and assisted us with EVERY need! xxooxx
I hate this picture of me...It shows every pound..but look at that dog...look at sweet Megan...I may have a dog in my future... this is the end of a long day...these people were crazy nuts....we were up till 5 am one night, 330 two other nights and after midnight all the rest!!! GOOOOO DO TERRA!!!! I left with 11 builders and 17 signed in all...too fantastic to believe. I expect 7 founders by August....cross your fingers eyes and toes for me will you? Later I will list some of my new KEEN words...

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