Sunday, April 27, 2014

Glass Blowing...Creation 27 April 2014

Monday was a day in the Universe where every second is noted. By the time 11am  rolled around there wasn't any makeup left.  My soul felt the re-shaping, and the peace of  having been in the fiery furnace . I walked into GaeWyn's studio at Thanksgiving Point-- where weeks before we'd made a date for her to show me her craft of glass blowing. I suck air to think how abundantly and attentively the heavens tend to me. I feel mystified at their KNOWING.

GaeWyn and I are new friends, but OLD friends. I met her through business. She's the REAL DEAL. I even asked her once if she was real or heavenly..."Both I suppose" was her answer. She answered well. GaeWyn took one look at me, with a happy smirk she says "Oh, looks like you are COMPOSTING:)!" Took me a full minute to digest it. I've NEVER heard anyone say that!  Immediately I fell hard in LOVE with every bit of it. YES. I AM COMPOSTING. As the parable unfolded the tears were dripping, but this time in gratitude. So many things to tear for....I willingly choose to break myself down again and again and again to sprout out again and again and again. I can feel the worms eating the putrefied parts I have created, the consequences. The parable goes much deeper...take a second to find your own place in it.  It's my new favorite word :). My new favorite parable.  Later, when she'd been entranced in her work and we had long been quiet....she looked away from her glowing hot pipe with a quirky smirk and says "Some of my most favorite sentences have the word COMPOST in them. Could I love someone more????? 

 The symbolism of the entire process as she ironically crafted AWARDS was NOT lost on me. She explained to me the process as she worked.

How many gatherings of glass for the project? 
Cold glass will not mold. Cold glass will NOT mold. COLD GLASS WILL NOT MOLD.
Must submit the glass again and again to the fire furnace and the torch to mold it as you wish. 
The glass is molded by tiny marks.
Transparent glass appears black.
The HEAT burns off the unwanted acids.
Sometimes it is NOT what you are creating...but the consequence of what you are trying to honor. (I KNOW, RIGHT?) 
My very breath  creates the space inside for all the holding.
Protect yourself and be smart while you craft.  
Sometimes we do what we do for the secondary gain. 
Don't just move away from the heat, move towards what matters...WHERE you are going with the piece.
If I make this mark upon the piece... WHAT BECOMES POSSIBLE????
The GODS themselves prepared and presented me with her and her I said...we had made this appointment 4 weeks ago...never suspecting it would be one of those marker days that deserved peace and exclamation marks at the end of it.

Most days we weigh what we might lose, consider the consequences. We weigh what we might gain... consider the consequences. I was stuck. But once I put her new question in my heart..what becomes possible that wasn't before? heart lept.  Even now my heart races and I am moved. 

I watch with anticipation as each of you make life creating choices. I am eager to see your weighing and measuring processes. I hope you try on  GaeWyn's method a time to two --just see how it works in your heart. 5 simple questions.

 I love her. The Universe gave her to me. I am Gideon, just ONE MORE FIRE Lord, one more.. she is evidence of the Gods intimate knowing of me down to the slightest details. 4 weeks ago we made this appointment. 4 weeks ago. Only the God's new my steps and with their knowing placed my heart and soul into the warmth of her inner furnace.

I love the feel of  heat on my skin. Her studio felt like MY personal safest TEMPLE. She felt like a Mother Sister Healer Friend GODDESS.  Who AM I that I am so tended to???

Having Michael Josh and Spencer home was Heaven. It just felt RIGHT. Messes galore and all. They brought a friend, Hillary. I love their people choices...seems I am always charmed.

Sad not to open the pool yet. ARGH. Double ARGH.  Still cold rainey nippy.They left Friday morning and I got on my flight Friday afternoon. Yep...I've got another book for won't be surprised...the Title is  LOVE FOR NO REASON.
Awesome sauce childrens...awesome sauce. 

It's hot and muggy here. I love to be outside. I love to get in the car and sauna till til evens out. I love the people that show up to the classes. I love that there are so many worlds going on on MY world that I get to peek into. I am collecting pastors and healers. :) 

Wanna know a secret? I have discovered that I have more crunchy granola in me than  I knew. Maybe ALOT of it. A whole big LOT. 

I didn't use the GPS once today. I didn't realize it until it fell off the dash and into my lap while I was driving. I often look at experiences and wonder how they parallel with my life. This one crashed into my head..even more than my lap... .I am reacquainted with HOME (Gainesville)...and ....I AM REACQUAINTED with home (listening to my heart). 

Sammers. Check Facebook for pics of the boys SO FUN trip. You will all take another once you are home. I can't get the pics to copy over ...I am using my laptop in Florida...and I think you remember my tech skills? I want you to SEE GaeWyn in her next post I'll have pics here.

I love you BIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am excited for the days coming when I can bring you here and have you taste Happiness Florida style:) Everyone pray for Josh and Michael as they switch apartments and as Michael drives home alone this week to drop off his stuff..

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