Monday, March 31, 2014

Love from Sam 31 March 2014

Well, first off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!! you are incredible, an absolute role model for how I want to be as I grow older. thank you for everything! 

This week was quite good!! On P-day we went to this beautiful hill called Beacon hill, which overlooks all of Leicester! absolutely beautiful and breathtaking.  Later monday night 4 lessons we had set up with potential investigators all canceled, so we were a bit discouraged, but we kept working and working. 

On Wednesday I was able to help lead out my first zone meeting! it was great and actually quite easy and I was very comfortable doing it. everything went smoothly! after Zone meeting we were able to go on exchange with the assistants to the president, and we had a great time! we taught some really good lessons with Jill and with Joan, and spent a lot of time finding. I really developed a sense of my potential as a missionary on the exchange.  Jill is doing great! she still just needs to quit smoking, now down to 1 a day! she will need to quit by the 12th of Aprilfor her baptism, so please continue to keep her in your prayers! 

On Thursday we got a text message from a lady saying that she used to investigate the church, and she really wanted us to come over again ASAP. her name is Joan, she is such a sweet heart! she is quite depressed and she remembered the way she would feel when she met with the missionaries, and so now we are teaching her and she is on a baptismal date for the 26th of April.  she is very lonely and is going to benefit largely from the atonement of Jesus christ.  

We saw some sweet miracles finding this week! we were able to teach 3 people right on the spot while finding, setting up return appointments and 1 of them came to church! in total, we were able to have 7 New Investigators this week! which is the most that this area has had since it's been opened.  

I got to play baseball yesterday! One of our potential investigators plays baseball, and I told him to bring an extra glove to our teaching appointment! we ended up playing long toss for like 30 minutes! my arm felt great and it made me soooo trunky for watching and playing ball again. the day will come! he is chinese and he is elect! his name is Phil and we are exited for the next few weeks with him!

All of the uni students will be going on easter break for 4 weeks, so we will have to find out where we will be spending the rest of our time haha it should be interesting! 

Well, my favorite part of the package was DEFINITElY the mini hoop. we play every single night after call-ins! everything is going pretty well! let me know of any other questions you might have for me! exited to talk to you via skype in a little bit more than a week! 

I truly believe this gospel is true! It makes me so happy to wear the saviors name on my chest and to strive to become more like him every day! 

Lots of love!

Elder Sam Harris

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