Monday, March 3, 2014

Love from Sam 3 March 2014

We've made it to March! how on earth did that happen so fast??
This week was Good!
On Monday we had zone p-day which is always good to get together with a bunch of missionaries!
On Tuesday we had a lesson with Gifty and the only thing she really struggles with is the reading commitment, so we found out a way that she can listen to the book of mormon for 5 minutes every day as she's walking home from school! we will see! I love her so much, and I would like to ask for all of you to concentrate any prayers you may have for Gifty and Rosalyn. They are so close! After we had a dinner appointment we met with Cathy and Louis and Long and Zed. They all loved their baptisms and we're bearing testimony of the gospel and the difference it has made in their lives and it was sooo good!
Wednesday we had a really good lesson with Albert where he told us he doesn't have much of a testimony of the plan of salvation because of the belief in reincarnation that the chinese have. We retaught the plan, and then invited him to pray about it right there in front of us, and he said he felt really peaceful and happy and he knows it's true. He came to church yesterday and he is really looking solid for baptism on the 15th!
On Thursday we had a really spiritual District meeting. all of the missionaries in our district have agreed that this is easily our favorite district we've had. we are all best friends and we love each other, and that is why we have seen so much success! because we have brought unity to the ward and to the district. in most of the big cities in the mission, the missionary companioships are really competitive to see who has better numbers, but that is definitely not the case in Coventry at the moment. We bore our testimonies and there were some incredibly spiritual thoughts and feelings shared and it was way sweet. One of the more special moments of my mission that I won't forget.  After that Elder Hall and I went on exchange and had a way good time! we taught Nora, Sheri, Gifty and Rosalyn, and took an investigator to a dinner appointment. 
On Saturday we played football, and then went to city center and street contacting with some of the youth in the ward that had never done any sort of missionary work before, so it was sweet to see how nervous they were, and to realize how much I have grown as a missionary! a year ago I couldn't imagine stopping random people on the street! but I love it! After street contacting one of our investigators took us to dinner at a really good buffet because it is probable that I will be transferred on wednesday :/ I'm really nervous and I don't want to be transferred at all but whatever happens will be what needs to happen.  After the dinner, a member in our ward's dad is a general authority, Elder Dryden. He wanted us to come over to their house so he could ask us questions about how we are having success and what we are doing. It was an honor to spend time with a general authority, and for HIM to be asking US questions. it was crazy. We both loved it, and we wish we could have had more time. We got to honestly express our feelings of how the mission is good and anythings we would change about our experiences and it was just really good. 
Sunday was great! Elder Unice had the runs so church was miserable for him hahaha. not that funny but looking back it is actually pretty histerrical when I think about when I would look accross the room and see how uncomforable he looked. We have a kind of relationship that it is ok that I make fun of him for it. So we didn't get to do much yesterday because he was feeling really sick.  But he is feeling much better this morning which is good! we will go to a buffet and then we will get haircuts, and then we'll see what happens! tonight we'll find out whether I stay or whether I go.  Have a great week people that I love!
Mom- I loved your blog post today! I smiled ear to ear many times while reading. I'm not completely when or why but yeah. the idea for the gathering every year is BRILLIANT! I'm not sure what to call it. maybe the hammerhead shark? or the bottlenose-dolphin? let me know what you think. or maybe YOLO-SWAG-DOPE. just spitballin'. anyways love you all! Look forward to hearing from you all next week!

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