Thursday, January 22, 2015

22 Jan 2015

Just a quick I LOVE YOU before I head out in the morning. I'm off to Orlando and Gainsville and then Atlanta. I get to see my High School friend Lourdes while I'm there! I get to do an EXPO for the first time in Orlando. I get to go to much more WARM....I am going to pray for a see the beach moment. So much for swearing I was going to put in more play days in my work travel trips...but I WILL the next one.

One of the highlights of my week was running into Bronson at Walmart. I love how is just a sweet a man as he was a boy. We will get to see him when Sam comes home. The other highlight was pretending to be grandmom to Owen, Ethan and Oliver. We're in LOVE. Chuck E Cheese so MISSED me...I am still a skee ball fanatic. And kids are still token fiends. The rest of the time has been filled full preparing for the Expo. Ginger is the most fantastic assistant in the entire world. And it is such a bonus that Ben comes with her.

I love you. Excited to hear from you as we all travel and change the world.

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