Friday, January 9, 2015

New LOVES in our life...

So Bammer...these little guys have single handedly stole our hearts. See the blue money cake? Megs is following right along in family tradition in sharing our favorite things...this is her on New Years eve creating a WE LOVE LIFE event for Dan's boys. They loved the hot tub as much as I do!  In the bottom pic you can see Oliver, then Owen and Ethan  . I can't wait for all of you to meet them. Just look at those faces...

I have Dawn here from England for Do Terra training. Christine from Florida is here trying to find work and an apartment. My condo is buzzing and full. Spencer and I are taking the Rich Dad Poor Dad seminar together these few days...I love that he loves Real Estate as I do. I am going to put down most of my real estate and just focus on Do Terra this year...I hope to hit Blue Diamond in April and Presidential in December. There I put it in black in white. I want to quit holding so many balls. I'm not good at being so divided. Learning lessons. I am trying to not be SO BUSY. I really can't figure out that part of myself. The other day someone said "You are so high strung". So NOT who I want to be. If I was independently wealthy I would so just read and yoga and run and play and RELAX. (I think).

Michael leaves for Costa Rica in a few days....lets all live vicariously through him...

I LOVE YOU. See post below. Sweet week working out my separated state from you

This may have been the fastest week for me since Sam's been gone. HOME IN 60 days...yeeeeee haaaawwww! Some highlights:
*I watched a sweet ted talk by another SAM....Sam Bern's this adorable boy who spoke at 17, shortly before his death, having had a degenerative disease from birth and spoke about his philosophy of a Happy Life. Take a minute and have a listen? Just a quick quote..." Sometimes I have to be brave. Surround yourself with people you want to be with. Never miss a party if you can help it" :) LOVE IT...ALL OF IT...never miss a party if you can help it.
*I was reintroduced to the GOO GOO DOLLS and have a new favorite play over and over song-COME TO ME.
*Owen---up above, had a talk with his Dad about marrying Megan...Dan was mindful enough to record it, and it will be a treasure in my chest no matter what happens between them.
* Google this....was introduced to this guy and can't quit thinking about  it. Becoming a Manifestation Powerhouse - Bentinho Massaro LIVE (1.5.15)
* Choose my word for the year:
  1. 1.
    showing a willingness to take surprisingly bold risks.
    "a series of audacious takeovers"

Fun AND appropriate word considering the creations I am creating. AUDACIOUS!!!!You can borrow it if you like.
Maybe think about a word YOU will hold as a theme for awhile and share with the rest of us?
Closing with a sign at the Rich Dad Poor Dad presentation:
Don't wish it were easier--wish you were better.
Don't wish for less problems, wish for more skill.
Don't wish for less challenge, wish for more wisdom.
It's my hope that we don't WISH at all...but that we just freaking GET IN THERE and be about the BEING better, developing more skill and listening and acknowledging the wisdom....wherever the source may be.
This is the HAPPY MOMMA...SOOO HAPPY and content on this early Saturday morning. Not missing you...holding you already in LOVE and LIGHT.

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