Friday, January 16, 2015

54 days and counting....

 Michael is, as always....LIVING THE LIFE!!! He got to see this turtle laying her eggs....

 Costa Rica!!!!!!!
Well lovies...another week of slurping up this gorgeous world with all its remarkable people!
More life lessons :) I was given a bracelet of 100 good move this marker along the beads as a place holder....i LOVE the idea of reminding myself to do/BE more good.

Megs is playing this weekend in Vegas. Josh is working...ever working. Spencer is toying with life financial support options. I am having Do Terra training's and hopefully going to a movie, maybe country dancing.

The highlight of my week was being introduced to  Bentinho Massuro....I would love for each of you to got to and watch his latest share. So young for a world philosopher. AND he's just out of Colorado.

Loving all of you...excited for our New Year and all its gonna bring. SEND THE MOMMA PICS!!!

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