Sunday, February 8, 2015

In the last 2 weeks...January into Feb 2015

I played and lost my first Chess game ever!
Saw a hair do that made wish my hair was longer.
Proved my Do Terra LOVE...yes...that is MY lap..the back seat of Rudy and Ashley's car with their farting dog JAZZY for 5 1/2 hours to Atlanta. 

Rudy, his mom, Ashley and Elona...we made the feasts to follow. I cannot help myself when I get to Gainesville...they have a fresh fish market where the shrimp is freshly caught that morning and oh....MY!!! We worked over 4 pounds between us! I love when I go there how we cook together...everyone chips in and starts preparing their own thing and then VOILA! Dinner DONE! The conversation is as good as the food! This pic is missing Rudy's Dad who usually joins us...but he was over at a friends for Poker night.

Had this most perfect morning...first I hot tubbed...THEN I SHOWERED OUTSIDE...sooooo going to  create that for myself here!!!!

The TREES the TREES the TREES...soaked under this majestic beauty.
Last night Sarah and I went to Wise Guys Comedy Club in West Jordan...can so do a commerical for this place. My stomach literally hurt by the time they were done and we left! These are the Staker Brothers, I guess they are on NEtflix and comedy central...they were the main gig. LOVE!!!!
Have multiple reasons to get this 30 pounds off. Just../cannot find the UMMPH in me...if you know where it is, please send it over. 
31 days till you are home Sam...31 days till Josh and Michael are home and we are all together. 31 days...31 days...31 days...I am beyond ready. We are ALL SO much FUN STUFF happening here!!!!The only things missing are  YOU  guys to make it perfect!

Have some exciting growth happening in my Do Terra build. This crazy great weather makes me want to play. OUTSIDE. I sooo feel like getting my hands in the dirt as well. We live in such a gorgeous place. My view of the pond makes me smile every day I am home.

I love you. I LOVE YOU!!!

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