Monday, February 9, 2015

LOVE FROM SAM 9 Feb 2015

Good morning family!

It has been a solid week! 

On monday we were able to add another chinese investigator to our teaching pool. He's way cool, his name is Johnny, he loves snowboarding, and we talked about snowboarding for ages and were able to connect on that level.  During P-day, we were just walking to the shops and we felt prompted to stop a guy, the only guy we stopped during p-day. His name is Martin. He's been in Swansea only about 2 months. He prayed before he left his house that god would give him direction in his next step in life, and he ran into us 30 minutes later. He came to church yesterday and really enjoyed it! we're hoping that he is someone that we can help be baptized during the course of this transfer. I know that god knows exactly where his children are that are seeking for the truth. As President Rasmussen once explained to us, when the university in Loughborough closed down for proselyting and we had no idea what to do he said, "If  Jesus asked the apostles to cast their nets and they were filled with fish, won't he make it possible for you to cast your nets on a different side of the boat?" 

On Tuesday we had a feast at a less-active's house, his name is Helder. He's from Portugal. He game to church this week, and gave our investigator a lift! he is becoming really excited about the gospel, and I think he will be back in full activity in no time. 

The hills of Swansea are killing me! from being in a car for a year straight, to biking up these crazy hills is quite the dramatic change! ha I am definitely struggling sometimes, but at the same time it's helping me to get into good shape so that's good. I always heard the missionaries talk about the infamous "hills of wales" and I always thought they were over-exaggerating big time. They weren't. It takes us about 30 minutes to bike to church and about 7 minutes to get back haha. 

I am getting used to being a district leader. I really like it! I really wish I had the opportunity to serve as a district leader earlier on my mission, because of how closely we're able to work with the missionaries. I think it's the most important leadership responsibility in the mission. If all of the district leaders were extremely sharp, there would be no need for the other callings except for the administration. 

We went to an appointment with our investigator, Jean, and she asked if we could meet her at a community center. We met here there, and it was actually a born-again christian church service. They were simultaneously yelling prayers, speaking in tongues, and doing other things that I'd never previously been a part of, and it freaked me out. There was definitely a spirit that it brought, but not THE spirit.  I did love when they broke into singing though. that was good. 

This week we are going to find and find and find. I love finding in city center's! we have found that in the afternoon's the students are in the city-center, so every day from 2-5 we will be contacting. I can't wait! This week will be the last week that we can find people that can be baptized during this transfer, so it's going to be absolutely crucial! please pray for our success that we will find someone who can be baptized on the 7th of March

I love you so much! I love this work. I love Swansea! I love Elder Magda! I love Jesus Christ. 

Take care!

Elder Sam Harris

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