Sunday, February 15, 2015

Valentine's REPRESENTS

My heart BURSTS every time I see these two together. I LOVE the way she LOVES him...AND the way he LOVES HER...helps my mother head to relax knowing that they've"GOT EACH OTHER". I LOVE how beautiful they just wanna stare at em.

And then....Miss Megan might just be making some plans   :)...MAYBE xxooxxooxx

She and her MEN spent Valentines at the MONSTER TRUCK SHOW!!!! That is Owen top right-7, Oliver Middle-4, and Ethan bottom left with Dan.

Last Friday night was date night with all the MEN again at the pool!!!!!
I'm not sure who is more in LOVE...her or ME!!!!!!!!!!!!

I took Owen, Ethan and Oliver silly string and balsa airplanes for my Valentine's love today. Poor they sprayed the silly string all over the front yard I quickly realized the mistake I had made...what could he say to a woman he might want to be pleasing? "Um, Natalie...NO SILLY STRING!" He didn't ...he even helped picked it up. New note to self...SILLY STRING ONLY AT MY HOUSE when WOWING future Grandkids. All three have my heart xxooxxooxxooxx

I had another session of my Transcendental Meditation  class today. I am IN LOVE. The world is such a wonder and so many HAPPINESS factors to indulge in! My personal mantra feels sacred.  My instructor is brilliant and quiet and laughs so easily. I never knew how endearing, lightening and  comforting it is to be around someone who laughs so easily.

Did I mention.....T W E N T Y   F O U R days.....24 24 24 24 days till SAM is home and EVERYONE IS HOME!!! xxooxxooxxooxx...Upon Sam's request we will be going to Cheesecake Factory on the way home from the airport :)

I have been listening to Anthony Robbins new money book:
I had dinner with my friend Kim Sorensen...yes the owner of the Blender Bottle company--- and I had to laugh that we were BOTH Reading it. You would think SHE would have no reason to read it...another dimension of why I LOVE HER SO MUCH.This book WILL be one of your Christmas presents from the just let me know when you are ready for it hard copy or on Audible. I have a crush on who Anthony Robbins has chosen to be and all he shares in inspiring our world to greatness.

I am choosing to not whip myself for living out of integrity with my eating and weight. But I am looking for my WILL POWER if you could assist me in finding it. I just feel so happily content.

And SERIOUSLY!!! Racquetballs  will ALSO be in your stocking. Who knew that smashing a ball and running all over a tiny BOXED in court would make me so invigorated??? I thought I pretty much HATED tight enclosed boxes (figuratively and LITERALLY)...but, not so much...especially when I hear the pop sound of me smashing the ball. COME PLAY WITH ME MY CHICKADEES!!!! And the air swipes I make fairly frequently...they just make me LAUGH! This week I am practicing taking the swing off the back wall...PATIENCE (my eternal lesson).

I attended my most favorite Do Terra Training ever...PRESIDENTIAL and BEYOND this past week. I have a new fire underneath my drive. It doesn't seem possible---but I love the OILS and people who lead and run this business EVEN MORE. I feel honored to have shared space with so many Presidential s.  I cannot get enough of incredible leaders!!!!! LEAD ON!!!!

Spencer melted my heart when he called and asked if I could be his Valentine!!!! We went to 2 movies and dinner...he is a favorite date!!!!! I love that he likes to start with dessert first too!

I am starting to get the hang of chess so I expect EACH OF YOU to play me and teach me when you are home xxooxx.

Saturday Night Live is having their 40 year anniversary special. I have been laughing my stomach to knots. Gratitude overwhelms me as I watch and remember all the fun and laughs I have shared in my world with that show. LIFE IS GLORIOUS my Chickadees. Michael gets the prize this week for slurping up so much of it...but the rest of us aren't far behind!!!!


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