Thursday, March 26, 2015

Arms outstretched and gathering in as much as they will hold.....

                                                 THIS GIRL...we choose HER!!!!!

                                                                Love comes to us!
                                                Sam doing SOOOOO WELL!!!
                       RED MOON the 24th in FORT WORTH...scripture written bout this :)
                            LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE ME some TREES!!!
Currently FLYING :)

  This made my soul sing AND LAUGH as I found this cartoon  minutes after signing up for a Meditation Retreat with the Paramahamsa Nithyananda pictured above. I get to attend on Saturday while I am in Seattle! Now lets talk miracles....after signing up...they asked me to come give a class on the oils to the entire TEMPLE :) Look at His smile...every You Tube...EVERY...he is exuding THIS KIND OF HAPPY!!! I might be incorporating a new rule...I don't know that I want to explore your "IDEAS" about THE WAY unless you are HAPPY!!! This GURU...this GURU is HAPPY...and so are SO MANY OTHERS!!!! Loving the HAPPY out here. Way excited for my Saturday!!!!! Giggling now as I FEEL how amazing this life is!!!!AND I CHOSE TO COME!!!  I AM a SMART woman xxooxx

                                                                    MORE HAPPY

   DID THIS! Another item on my bucket list embraced.
            Cannot say write sing preach smile enough how ALL methods are souls reaching for the love, light and comfort of their GOD/S. Humbled to be apart. In reverence at the bursting of my heart. Most of you know I have a rock fetish...have to bring them home wit me from wherever I've been and then BUY some the ceremony they explain that the rocks used for heating are the GRANDFATHERS of the earth. The Grandfathers have withstood all time and are still here assisting us on our journey. We give away any negative energy to them...they clean it and send it back. My heart is in awe of the beautiful ways created for us to examine our BEING and then to be inspired to CHOOSE HAPPINESS...the way of the GODS :) It is such an incredulous tapestry as I grasp and weave all the principles of "BELIEVING" I have been exposed to, GOD IS HERE. And SO AM I xxxooooooxxxxxxxxxxxxxoooooooooooooooxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxooooooooooooooooxxxxxx!!!!
I've been studying Sacred Geometry. My heart can barely take it in... This organized, incredulous UNIVERSE  THRILLS my soul and fills me with wonder and HOPE!!!!! This led me to LIGHT LANGUAGE...I am eager to find others who use these tools and who could mentor me further in my understanding. SO MUCH TO LOVE!!!!! Might I suggest the 2 volumes by Drunvalo Melchizedek entitled THE ANCIENT SECRET OF THE FLOWER OF LIFE :) and then...there are the NUMBERS!!! NUMBERS NUMBERS me some NUMBERS. I have these moments of intensity where I want to be a monk and just study and learn all day but still be taken care of...but then I QUICKLY pull out of that thought and feeling --and LOVE that I get to take all I am learning out into my world and PLAY with it :)

Iv posted him here before. Wanna rock your world? Want to put his practices into PRACTICE and start manifesting and changing your life IMMEDIATELY???? check him out on You Tube. Every Monday night he gives a lecture at 7 on his live stream....BENTHINOMASSAROLIVE.COM
Just take a listen...try to PROVE HIM WRONG...see that smile? Soon it will be YOURS!!!!!
I intend to be here for SUCH A LONG LONG LONG time more....slurping up all this juicy HAPPINESS is the GIFT to us for coming...and I intend to get as much of it as I can!!!!!!! Join me won't you? Or at least share with me WHAT is bringing YOU HAPPY?

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