Sunday, March 8, 2015


Hey Love BUG!!!! Pretty much there are NO WORDS to describe the EXTENT of the JOY I feel that I will NEVER have one of my boys gone for 2 years at a time without my being able to talk to them or visit them when I want.  NEVER EVER!!!!! Doing the Momma FREEDOM DANCE!!!!

I am in Seattle with Josh building his Do Terra Business and having fun getting to know Therese even better. Tonight we went to a gaming store that serves dinner...we played a new super fun game called DIX IT!   I love the friends you kids bring into our lives. I love the lives you create. You are about to leave one life adventure and come home to another.....WE CAN BARELY WAIT THE 2 and 2/3 days!!!!!

Michael was already home for a day when I flew out here....he is at home waiting for us...Josh and I fly in Tuesday....Spencer's Birthday Party is all arranged (but you are the PRESENT no one can top!)....Megan , Dan and Boys are prepped and ready....da Brothas are organized...WE ARE ALL READY FOR THE LOVE FEST!!!!!

At this very moment I only have 2 days, 14 hours and 35 minutes....opps....34minutes.....
You've left your legacy of love Sweet Boy...come home and let's continue another! XXOOXXOOXX

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