Sunday, March 1, 2015

We are waiting!!!!

If the videos of our new grandboys didn't get you counting down the days....then THIS WILL FOR SURE!!!! Its real...HE IS HOME!!! Stopped by for a hugs and kisses and a cry....All will back righted in my world in 10 short days...almost 9...'s gonna be OKAY!!!!

Megs had Dan's parents and their spouses come to my house for dinner tonight...they fit us perfectly!!!! It will be years and years of more to love us and we them.

Lets just say its hard for me to think of anything else other than you coming....I LOVE YOU BABY BOY. The world awaits...but I swear...NO ONE like your MOMMA. xxooxx. Get your arms ready...there is gonna be some LONG hugging and holding...and I'm ready to start making up on the missed back scratches.

Sparkly and SHINE Lovey...SParkle and SHINE!!!!

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