Sunday, July 26, 2015

Heaven is getting Miss PYPER for the WHOLE DAY...some serious snugging went on and my uterus is VERKLEMPT!
 This is my High School friend Babe...each year she tortures me with pics of how she spends her weekends in the summer....just wait...I am SO going to join her...cuz I can!!!
 And this is Marci's family reunion...WE ARE GONNA HAVE ONE LIKE THIS ON SOMETHING LIKE THAT!!!

 Deana Made this Fairy House...I saw it at her bday BBQ Friday night...I LOVE that it is decked out with MERKABA and crystals and coffee mugs....enchanted ME!! Starting plans now :) Who wants to join in???
 I just loved this pic of my Bestie BECKY and her family and wanted to keep it forever.
This is Jeremi my super awesome Sister in Law with Doug behind (in blue) that my friends do crazy awesome stuff together,.
 Jason and Brittany's Sweet Baby Girl is HERE!
 These guys belong to ME and the pool is being used JUST as I DREAMED IT WOULD!
Some favorite quotes I ran across this week.


 I was reminded of this EAT PRAY LOVE  quote from a friend...I LOVE IT!!!
It's a simple thing...but since the move, I have NOT gotten pot holders and I forget them EVERYTIME...but the HEAVENS LOVE ME...and I kid you not...I went to teach a Do Terra Class and this angel came upstairs with these!! REALLY...I LOVE the way the synchronicities pour all over me!! Thank you sweet woman!
                                                     Finally FINALLY  F I N A L L Y!!!!

                                          beautiful on the INSIDE as the OUT
 There be our Sam REPRESENTING...and I'm sad I didn't get pic of Spencer playing and singing!

                   Love this girlie!!

 Love that Hiedi did the ceremony that she has her own church xxooxx

 This HIDDEN GARDEN are was breath taking...the sun coming in made it feel like HEAVEN was with us. And they were...liked that Hiedi remembered their Grandparents that had past.
And this abor...gonna incorporate it one day .....
Some of my Texas Do Terra Team came to town for Elite Retreat training. Did I TELL YOU I LOVE TEXAS??????? I love that we DANCE!!!

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