Sunday, October 25, 2015

Bodies don't lie.....

I LIKE TO THINK that when it comes to me "what you see is what you get"...with the tagline "HEY...and I'm always trying to be BETTER". It's not true. You don't get to see me standing, fighting with myself at Walmart in front of the freezer case where they have 10 Totino's pizzas for $10. I GET that most of you are repulsed that I would even consider it. Well. I freaking LOVE those little pizzas with 4000 calories per 20 bites. You don't see me drive by 3 McDonald's before I drive through the 4th for a Big Mac and large fries. It fills that hole. That hole that says THERE IS PAIN HERE and I WANNA FEEL BETTER!!! I don't wildly, with hands flailing scoop for just anything to fill the holes. I choose food. ****There are no children home with me now for me to set the right example. No one to tell me no :)

THANK YOU LIFE.  It's just me. I decide. I am choosing different. TODAY.

What you do see is the product of those choices. Our bodies can't lie. What you see IS what you get. And um...I have not  been trying to be better. 40 pounds in 12 months holding now for like 28 months.

I only care in the morning when I go to get dressed. Once covered, I race through my day consuming all sorts of glorious less than healthy but ohhhhh so emotionally satisfying "fuel".

How many times I have fought this fight? I am up for one more time.

This week Oprah told the world on Ellen that she has lost 15 pounds on Weight Watchers. I have a rocking friend Marcii who has been on Weight Watchers for years and her body doesn't lie and it works. I'v successfully done Weight Watchers twice. Can you call it successful when you continue to regress? I am defining success as releasing the weight desired. So yep...I did the work. It was a success. It is what happens in the IN BETWEEN times that needs new definition.

At dinner last night Megs has been going back to Cross Fit and it shows. I am always inspired by her continual dedication and will power.

Then today, as many other days throughout the past year, my friend Carter posted on Facebook.

DAMN! Right??!! All year she has posted and I have felt compelled. Kind of.  Jealous.  Envious. YES! BUT NO ACTION on my part. (okay...not true, I bought the Beach Body shake and DVD's...I bought the prepared food meal plan...I hired a friend to bring me the Fast Metabolism foods and and...) Carter and I are the SAM E age. Something about seeing AGAIN that it CAN BE DONE...something lit the fire. Soooooo starting RIGHT NOW. I choose me. I choose health and strength and THOSE ARMS...see those arms??? I have had my LAST SUPPER. (number 3017 or somewhere near that number). of the Totino's. I had my last coffee. I had a pumpkin cookie. At 1:19 on Sunday the 25th of October I declare my allegiance to myself. To the REAL me.
THANK YOU CARTER....this pic single handedly assisted my HEAD.
Go Time!!!Eager to post my pic October 25th of 2016.....

Until then....gonna figure out the weight lifting strategy. Gonna get me some accountability support. Gonna start loving on some vegies and fruits and some more vegies. Gonna do sit ups and pushs every morning and night. Gonna run some races. Gonna swim at the rec. Gonna find me a hot tub.

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Jeremi said...

Weights before cardio!

You've got this!