Sunday, October 4, 2015


Blew my socks off.

I have just finished Brene Brown's RISING STRONG
....and Elizabeth Gilbert's BIG MAGIC

...and then to walk into this movie! WOWZA. I am gobsmacked. Gobsmacked has happily trounced into my vocabulary the last week. My mind is non stop reeling in the life analogies. To pinpoint our aloneness in our common ground.

I sat in my recliner movie chair as all the wisdom downloaded and transitioned deep into my DNA. YES...we have ALL been left behind "on MARS"..left behind "in FEAR". Whatney says F*** MARS....which really means F*** FEAR. I say AMEN. I say SEE THE MOVIE or READ the BOOK. Make your own life parallels. Today I assessed again the situations to be addressed differently...obviously those NOT WORKING or keeping me from THE TEAM.

I love Whatney's grit, but more, his magical perspective...suddenly, I wanna feel like I'm actually flying around like IRON MAN if I I am OUT THERE zipping all over the terrain of my creating without knowledge of a sure landing.

I am going to start naming things after me since I am living alone in the harsh reality of my Mars environment. No more "curiosity killed the cat" it will be THE NATALIE QUESTIONS--- that enlightened generations xxooxx

I love that we came to problem solve as best we can with the information we have brought to ourselves. There are literally 100 phrases or conversations in the movie that held my heart. Even when we are alone....our TEAM is out there coming to our rescue WHEREVER our decisions have placed us.

Really truly mi hijos......TE QUIERO!!!!

I have fear. I feel alone on Mars, left behind...Negotiating the realities and non realities of life.  I am scared. Way more of my life efforting/problem solving has found me face down in the dirt. You get a front row seat. YOU are MY TEAM. I love you.

Quotes from the book:
Big talks ahead...

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