Thursday, October 8, 2015

Leader LEARN.

I was taught the 20/80 rule today when dealing with issues with my team...or anyone. 20% of the conversation is in listening and becoming clear on the issue....the next 80% is spent problem solving together by asking questions. If it can not be solved, we spend the conversation speaking to minimize the issue. I was taught that many people feel better by having you LISTEN to their issue without really wanting a resolution.  I LOVE learning a new way. I LOVE IT!!! I choose not to have issue /LISTEN conversations....I choose other energy. I'm learning so much as a leader. Just noting.
I learned that I suck at receiving compliments. I learned that its hard for a man to give a compliment and when I down play it it can make them feel stupid for saying it. 
I listened/learned as I witnessed a network marketing Guru turn a not so exciting venture into one that everyone one wanted to participate in. WOWZA. 
I realized that I LOVE MY WORK. That I love it so much I have to make myself stop (how lucky is that???) What I REALLY LOVE, are the people I work with...and the parts I don't love...I'm hiring someone else to do. My heart is beating out of my chest in gratitude that THIS is my life...and I get to create it!!!!!  xxooxx
PS Did you see how close Venus and moon are these days...a comfort to me in the dark on my runs.

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