Monday, February 24, 2014

24 Feb 2014 from the Sammer

hello family!!
It was an incredible week to say the least, and I am absolutely exhausted. On monday we had a really good P-day and it was nice to just chill for a day, we didn't do anything special. On Tuesday Elder Unice and I were street contacting, and I started talking to a guy, and Elder Unice felt like he needed to talk to someone who was walking by, so we were seperately street contacting, and the guy I was talking to needed start walking, so I walked with him, and Elder Unice and I got lost from each other, and we only have one phone for the 2 of us. So thankfully, I found another companionship that was at the city center and I joined with them street contacting. Elder Hall, who is one of my greatest mission friends, and I decided that we would really look for people until we felt compelled to talk to someone. We ended up talking to the sickkest guy ever wearing beats by dre. headphones. We talked to him about the purpose of life, then preceded to set up the return appointment, and he was like, I would love it if you guys could teach me right now! so we sat on a bench, taught him the Plan of Salvation, and put him on a baptismal date! it was a miracle! I have never done that on my mission yet but it was brilliant. and he is really solid, he has already read most of 1 nephi. 
On WednesdayThursday, and Friday we taught Gifty to get her ready for the baptism on saturday, but unfortunately she didn't make it. however, she did come to church again! which is the 3rd time in a row, and she is developing really good relationships with the ward, so that's brilliant. On Thursday we taught lessons to most of our investigators who were qualified for baptism, and we found out that after that, only Luis, Long, and Cathy would be able to be baptized! 
Saturday was the most incrediblie day of my mission! most of the day we were making preperations for the baptism which was in the evening, making food, picking up investigators and members, etc. The massive bus took around 60 people to the baptism, and then there were about 50 more people who made it out, so we had 100 + who attended.  Cathy, Luis, and Long were baptized and they loved it! the spirit was so strong and so many of the members were feeling it. Because 7 baptisms in one week for a ward is sooo rare in England, the members were so happy. After the baptism we went and ate at Coventry Chapel, and all of the members were so motivated to fellowship the investigators and recent converts that were in the room. Yesterday at a dinner appointment, the Reynolds family who we visited were basically begging us to get them involved with the work, whether it was referrals of their friends, teaching with us, lifts to church, etc. It was so cool to see the spirit of the lord not only soften the hearts of the nonmembers, but the energy it brought to the members was almost more incredible.  It is great to be in Coventry. Enzo, Sneya, Nick, and Carol were also baptized, and they are soo good as well. 
Sunday was amazing as well. I did back to back to back confirmations for our investigators, and then after the confirmations of all 7, I got to bless the sacrament with Luke for his first time! It was such an incredible experience. President Rasmussen came to our ward and taught a little bit of the second hour for investigators and recent converts.  after church I was exhausted. I just needed a break to chill and SLEEP. I'm still exhausted but P-day will be great. 
MEGGSSS!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I hope that you had an amazing day, and you should send me an email with your email address so I can get your address and stuff just incase I want to send you something haha.
MOMMMMYYY!! happy birthday to you! how old are you now? 35? you look it!!
Tell Spence to email me so he can give me details on this mizuno thing. that is sweet! they make really good irons actually!!
For dad- I'm not sure of the full names for our investigators cause they go by their English names. all I know is that Long Wang is the full name of Long. what a sick name huh!! he's a legend. 
I have more pictures of this week but for some reason the computer I'm using at the moment won't allow me to upload them... soo I'm sorry!!
I love you all like heck, and I hope all of you are having the time of your life doing whatever you're doing! Mike and Josh, it would be good to hear from you!!
Have a great week,
Elder Sam Harris.

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