Thursday, February 27, 2014

Happy Birthday to me!!! Feb 27 2014. New Family Amendment

Sammers....This is really for you...this was us on our Seattle vacation and I am just now thinking I didn't send you any pics like I promised? Will have to go back and check. I wish you and Megsalina were in it! Spencer posted it today( THANK YOU LOVEY)...I hadn't seen this was the perfect fix for a Momma who only wants one thing for her birthday...ALL HER BABIES WITH HER doing NOTHING...just being us....just taking a run together...eating glorious food...and talking and talking and sharing our NOW---AND dreaming our future--planning together ways WE are going to make our world an even MORE WONDERFUL PLACE!!!.

 Total HAPPINESS INSPIRATION came from this pic...I AWE at the angels as they surround and comfort me with creation thoughts! Take note: this WILL be a new amendment to our FAMILY contract!!!! (OK...I know you are laughing...MY  family contract). It occurred to me...that only ONE MORE Birthday and Sam will be with us and then I can implement the NEW ANNUAL NEVER OPTIONAL Harris Children Event.....

This event WILL occur next year...just delayed until AFTER March 11 when Sam the Beloved returns home. That actually WILL set a precedent for this event. It will NOT always be held ON my birthday...but it WILL be held in celebration of MY birthday. I don't have the exact name yet...the name needs to be WAWOWZIE so that it is DEAR on your lips and the lips of my grandchildren. Can I just take a second and interject the JOY that is oozing out of me that I GET TO CREATE MY LIFE!!! This celebration will be ONE of  our most anticipated events annually. Being able to create this for myself is why I work Do Terra. It's gonna feel like you are on Oprah's FAVORITE THINGS SHOW!!! ALL you chillins are going to gather to me SOMEWHERE we are thrilling to be...probably HOME alot... and we are going to CELEBRATE US...the creation of our family. The creation of each of us individually. I will pick my favorite new knowings, my favorite new THINGS and present  them to you at this gathering. At this gathering we will have a planning session where each of you commit some ALONE time with me during the rest of year. Where we plan the other family get togethers...whose house I get to come to for our egg hunt, for our RED Valentine's Dinner, for the Super Bowl, For....ALL THE TRADITIONAL STUFF. I swear I will be SOOO careful not to overwhelm your spouses. I swear it.Anyway. You get it. This will also be my JOY calendaring event.

I will DANCE today in exuberance of all the NEW family traditions that each of YOU will create!!! I am particularly excited for the traditions you start with me as singles out in the world. Michael...seems to me that having an Irish celebration would be appropriate! I will be in England for St. Patrick's Day...but we can dream up something. You get the drift...start dreaming and planning for me!

So...I had this dream. ALL of you were breaking the family contract of living more than a half hour drive away from 3 of you already are. (Even though I hate it, I love it that you are all so smart and brave and loving and good and heart listeners...that damn duality/paradox again) You were all over the map. I wept in grief and whoever was with me...I kept saying THIS IS NOT THE PLAN!! THIS IS NOT THE PLAN!!! I saw the incredible people you were sharing your lives with. That you had contracted to be there for them. I saw your homes and I had grandbabies racing to greet me at the door when I arrived. We've got some curly headed beauties coming our way!!!YES! YES! YES!!! You had DOGS that loved me! :) And oh so quietly my dream "friend" says, "Yes Natalie, this IS YOUR plan". And I woke up knowing it was. I hated/loved it. That was 3 days ago.

My earth brain wanted to buy a neighborhood of us ALWAYS living CLOSE together. I am learning to trust my dreams. I am going to trust my dream of the other night-- that I really did lay the living together in the neighborhood dream down in favor of the PLAN I was shown. I keep surprising myself with how my plan develops. But ANYTIME if ANYONE wants to be next door...or just 30 minutes away??? This is SOOOOOO BIG of me Lovies. I know you know.

Crazy mad to imagine all the LOVES you are bringing to each of us from all over the place. Beautiful to know that they are waiting for us like we are waiting for them. GO GET EM'!!!! All of them! This has been and will continue to be a year of change for us. A life of change for us. Duality. Paradox. Growth. Memories.  LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

SO, start sending me your ideas of WHERE the first annual__________event will be. I know Sam's vote is probably Lake Powell. Let me be clear. ALL WILL BE HOME MARCH 11th for Sam's Homecoming. YOU PUT THAT ON THE CALENDARS NOW!!! The Parentals will pay to get you here...but you MUST get here! This will NOT be MY Birthday celebration. Send ideas for the name of it as well. Just dream up the bestest you got and send it to me. Michael...could we group text on this or would that be a bug?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!!! Happy Birthday to me...I have personally  participated in 6 birthdays, each THE MOST SACRED days of my life. I WILL CELEBRATE that as long as I live...and when I DON'T LIVE...there will be fund left to continue the celebration.
PS once we have THE NAME, I will rename this post :) This will long live as a favorite family document.

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