Sunday, February 16, 2014

February 9-15 2014

 Dad and Spencer went to St. George golfing...missing ALL of us of course!!
 Sam doing mission AWESOME.
 Michael is Florida...Me is hook up...  :(  but we tried!
 YES!!! Florida IS this GORGEOUS!!!
 Megan at work...feel SO BAD for how boring it always is...make sure to look through the sequence and see her hiding behind rail in the last pic!!
 See? I think she learned this behavior from having FOUR brothers!!!
Joshy...just wanted to LOOK at  you...thought the others might feel the same.

I am sad and sorry I didn't get to post to you last Sunday. I had no WIFI and my T MOBILE phone reception was incredibly awful in FLORIDA. Bizarre how great it is in the west and how poor in the south!

My Do Terra trip was everything I hoped it would be. I am overwhelmed with all the INCREDIBLE people who keep coming in to my business and especially into my life. I have 2 Florida Builders coming in for training today and then I leave Wednesday for Texas for a Symposium and will be back LATE next Sunday.
The Gods are creatively working my real estate and fund raising PERFECTLY into my trips and I'm grateful. But come June when Diamond Club is over I am SOOOO gonna be ready for a break!

I really tried to be the mom who likes that her boys are off being adult and creating their own lives. I'm DONE. You know how I feel about the mission thing. And now,  I AM SO DONE WITH SEATTLE!!! DONE DONE DONE!!!Look...we CAN VISIT there guys!!!! LIVE NEAR HOME and VISIT Seattle? Just sayin. Being AUTHENTICALLY Me.

Meg leaves for her birthday cruise this week. We will celebrate when she gets back. Josh is liking PF CHANGS. Michael is still working both jobs. It will be so fun for him to be at Paddy Coins for St. Patricks Day.

I wrote you a book below. You may look an choose not to read. I hope you will ...even if you take it in parts. I can't help myself. I'm your mom. No sitting round the dinner table ...this is my new podium.

I love you big. BIG!!!
Joshy...take some pics...Spencer send me some...Sam...send em...and I swear to take some more of me, my travels, my team, as well.

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