Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday February 23rd 2014

Okay. The Momma is dealing with having you scattered all over the place. Pretty much all my prayers are begging the angels to be with you and look over you like I would if I were THERE with you. I laugh at my human state that I actually think sometimes that I AM a better tender to you than the heavens. That they would even need me to ask or beg or give them ideas about what I hope would come to you!!!! I want YOU to know that I really do trust them with your care. I trust YOU with your care. I just miss you.

I wanna have you home so I can pass out copies of my newest freakazoid mind blowing read....

All those AVATAR cartoons?? You are gonna love this...they EXIST!!!!! You can listen on Audible...I will pay for each of you to download it from Audible---it will be MY BIRTHDAY PRESENT to me :)...just let me know. We live on a crazy amazing planet. I sit in awe wondering how many trips here it will take for me to experience the  primal stuff I long I can get past it and want with my whole soul the existences like these.  Will the Gods just take some of this wanting from me since my heart really is set on going the distance. I guess the real question is....IS THERE A SHORT CUT??

I am still sitting mystified that I am enjoying my DoTerra Business SO MUCH. I have spent the week in Ft. Worth and Dallas Texas training and having a symposium. I get to be with and get to share life tidbits with people who would rock your brain.I get to SEE the consequences of lives lived with choices other than I have made. FASCINATING. INVIGORATING. My team members are all  friends.

At the symposium I was with a toothless returned vet ...I am not sure if she is struggling with aspergers or if the war affected her social interactions. My eyes could not quit returning to her twisted mouth . She was a wonder. Her mouth and verbal interactions could not cover the contentment and happiness she wore like a LOOK AT ME dress. The entire time I presented she sat on the floor in the back next to the diffuser and rocked and breathed in the Wild Orange. She was happy. She was TOO YOUNG not to have teeth. She was child like. I swear she looked into me like she was Jesus in that song KILLING ME SOFTLY. I know her name. Her first name is Mary. I was shocked because earlier this week I had told someone I was MARY, the Handmaid of the Lord. No. I am not. Not when compared with her light. I felt chastised watching this woman named Mary who radiated a love and happiness I haven't touched yet...and she did it with NO TEETH.  I am a vain woman. I am your Mother. But Lovies...I wanna be Mary. Handmaid to the LOVE in the Universe.

The oils bring healers. I didn't realize before how much I WANT to be a healer.

I am in the Chicago Airport. People watching. My crazy gets real when I am in airports.  I start looking for you. I have this pounding that one of you will JUST SHOW UP and we will fly home together. I look for "saints". I look to find the ones who radiate goodness....I make up stories about what they did and do to earn that face. I am ALWAYS comforted by finding them. If I was brave I'd take a picture of this man sitting in the next terminal over. You'd be able to see it in his eyes too. He has lived a LONG life. Then there are the other expressions...I want a magic wand. I would zap HAPPY all over these people.

I wanna ZAP happy ON YOU!!! Everybody GOOD??? EVERYBODY HAPPY????

Spencer's Kasi decided she's going on a mission so they are now dating other people. Spencer got asked to rep Mizuno golf clubs and is totally thrilled with his life! Meg will get home from her cruise tonight. I get home tonight. Dad got home yesterday.


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