Sunday, February 2, 2014


Loveies Loveies LOVEIES!!!!! Too weird to have ALL 3 of you gone! We have 38 favorites here including Sefa, Jason, Willis, Terrance, Stephen, Laura and sister, SCOTT MATHESON and his fiancee (yes..its set for the 26th of April). I LOVE that Michael and Josh are watching with MATT and HOLLAND MATHESON and that Scott is HERE with us. There are a ton more...Allie Hunsaker...

 I have had a week of MIRACLES!  It started with my finding a DoTerra builder in England VERY CLOSE to Sam xxooxxxooxx I don't need to say anymore :) She will be coming here for training in March. I drove to Grand Junction on Wednesday ---YOU KNOW how I love me a drive!!!! It was sunny and clear and me and Dan Fogelberg had a sweet reunion. I listened to a book on tape...and mostly got caught up on calls with my leaders. The ride back we just as awesome.
I shared this with you about 4 years ago...I was talking with friends recently who mentioned the practice. This pricked my heart to relearn and relisten this week --and I am recommitted to the practice. I'm excited for the day when we have all read it and can talk about how it entwines with our living. It's on my IPOD if you want a listen. I LOVE YOU. I'M SORRY. PLEASE FORGIVE ME. THANK YOU.---This process is called HO'OPONOPONO. It's about taking responsibility for everything in your life. It is a "profound gift that allows one to develop a working relationship with the Divinity within and learn to ask that in each moment, our errors in thought, word, deed, or action be cleansed. The process is essentially about freedom, complete freedom from the past."-- Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona  Master Teacher.

Going back to Gregg Braden's SPEAKING THE LOST LANGUAGE OF GOD (Pleeeeze read)....I have thought hard this week on how instantaneous most of the healing was with Jesus. Incredulous that he held EACH of us as already in the light of perfection...and according to Gregg...holding that FEELING of ourselves and others in our perfection is what brings that state to reality. I wish I was a word smith. I want to make clear the light entwining these two books have brought to my understanding of manifesting and loving. It can be frustrating to "GET" something so clearly, but then to remain in my humanness.

Awesome pic of Mike King...this angel boy has lost 40 freaking pounds...and says "thats Tonga for ya!".
Michael , Matt and friends playing football BEFORE the Super Bowl to get things started off RIGHT.

In Grand Junction were two kindred souls...we spent our time teaching and training. The first night we talked till 4 am...the second till 1:30. Heart connecting is WHY I came for this earth trip. My soul explodes when I find others who are open and willing to share the grit and gifts of their journey...and the hopes of the path to come. Share yourselves childrens. Share yourselves.

Doterra lesson for the week. When we really have sampled the people with oils individual to their issues...they HEAR in a whole new way during the class. They have ears to HEAR. Life lesson analogy to this....when we wait for others to put down their fear...and open up their love place and experience love in other forms...they HEAR in a whole new way. They have EARS to HEAR. I will be patient and wait for love openings before I surge in wanting to share MY LOVE lessons.

Last night was the Baseball Auction!! are SOOO missed! I was surprised at how many boys I DID NOT KNOW.

I have been doing taxes all day. I could kiss Megan and Laura...they came over to help input receipts. I am still a newbie at excel. I will be done by tomorrow night. HALLELUJAH!!!  For a girl who really likes numbers, especially when it means money, I ....hey...I AM gonna put a NEW ENERGY ON IT...I get it done and get a refund :)   :)   :)  Now there is a dance I will dance!

The house has emptied since I started. Seattle is celebrating. Perk is ticked. Bronco die hard.

Tomorrow is a new week. So much ahead for us. I expect to find 3 new builders. I intend  to get the Nickle cabin under contract. MY TAXES will be turned in!!!!! I make better food choices. I smile about my Do Terra travel and get all 18 enrollments for Diamond Club.

Shine your, read, hug, pray, cuddle, dream....CREATE!!!! I love yer gutz:)
The Momma

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