Sunday, May 26, 2013

WHAT A WEEK!!!! May 20-27 2013

We all went to the State play off game...I'm sorry they didn't win Bam...but it was SO GOOD to be there! I had been up since 2 am that morning and could barely keep my eyes open...shows how much I love them!!

The Coop with his miniature teacher:)

 Max's farewell is on the 26th of June:)
 Megs and Laura went to DUCK BEACH in North Carolina to meet NEW men and it looks like they DID! Can't wait for her to get home tomorrow for the update!
Look who was on Meg's FLIGHT!!! Yep...he's went to ask the DAD for permission to marry her!
This is such a great pic of Mike and Spencer...he went in this morning. The pic below it their last MAN FEAST that Spencer made.

Nettie at the sign directing us into the reunion. I am dead tired so I will give you more details later, but we are related to HAPPY people. What a gift. Everyone asked after you. Josh went...I LOVED that! And so did 11 dogs (didn't love that so much---even though they were pretty good)

 I think Aundt Rene is 77? She is something to behold...wish you could have seen the HIGH HEELS she had on in camp the whole time! And her body! I want it NOW...she does Yoga every day...and she swears by eating 7 raw almonds everyday to keep cancer away. So interesting to visit with her...and her kids are AWESOME SAUCE...I LOVED LAUGHING with everyone!
 Here is the DONALD DAVID HARRIS LEG of the 14 kids...
 This is everyone who came....
 Josh and Cassie visiting...this is Mac's oldest daughter who did NOT come with him when he visited in March...she's been at University of Arizona. LOVE THESE WOMEN!
 Amber is the love buddy. Kelly and Julia treated us all to a catered dinner Saturday night in celebration of their wedding:) SO YUM

 Me and MANY INCREDIBLE WOMEN!!! I wish I was in the sister loop with her sisters...I laughed and laughed and laughed...GINA lives in a 400 sf (really, that's all) apartment in NYC...she and her husband were a DELIGHT. At one point Ron says ---you don't know it, cuz you stopped at 5...but after 7 kids you get a second wind:) I wish I could remember HALF the stuff he said to'd be laughing now too!

 Leland, Ted's son and his wife...he starts WALDORF schools ( I have friends here from my book group who have done the INTERESTING to talk to him about Anthroposophy. When I told him that I have Rudolf Steiner's birthday he said NO, I have his birthday...I said we are ALL born on Feb.27th...and he smiled and said NO, his REAL date of physically being born was the 25th---HIS birthday...but they count the day he was baptized (the 27th:)) Learn stuff everyday.
 SO SO SO MUCH LOVE for all these people! is Gino (dad) Catherine, Gina, RON, Rene (14th and baby) and Mike...Mike is our new family musician...wish I had taped something of him and Ron...his strumming was fascinating...reminded me of the movie August Rush. He can sound just like Johnny Cash.
Great pic of Ellen. I LOVE this woman.
I can't wait to hear every detail of the past week!
Off to you the reunion...we will watch the little kids impromptu "shows"'ll probably get yourself INTO them somehow.
PS...ONE DAY just our family is going to have a reunion and we are going to FILL a campsite with all those babies coming to me...just think of it! I can smell and feel them now...


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