Monday, May 20, 2013

Love from Sam 20 May 2013

WOOOOOO HOOOOOOO!! ma boys won their first 2 games in the tournament!! they are gonna take it! please go and support them family!! You know how much they all mean to me, and you know how much I wish I was there! if at all possible, video the cool moments of the tournament ok? anyways I was way stoked to hear that they are playing well, and coming through in the clutch.  I know they have a game tuesday at Kearns, and then after that it will be at UVU.
Yesterday me and my companion got in a pretty big fight haha ended up in us physically fighting, and wrestling. anyways after we were exhausted he said something funny and we just started laughing, both of us laughing way hard! and then we became friends again. it was a rough 10 minutes! but I honestly think that in the end, it made us stronger as a companionship. don't worry we are totally fine now and laugh about it!
We had a pretty sweet Miracle this week! Do you remember that girl I was prompted to knock on her door on P-day?? well we went to go follow up with her on Wednesday, because we tried 3 or 4 times before that and she wasn't home. she was finally home. and the first thing she says when she sees us, is "Oh my gosh I love your book so much! I feel the spirit so much when I read it!" she has read every pamphlet, and scripture we have given her to read so far. and she is going to read the Book of Mormon front to back in about the next 2 weeks she says.  Also, she said, "Getting baptized sounds so exiting!! can I bring my friends and family?... oh and is it ok if I give my really good friend this book, because I think she could really use it!" so basically she's doing missionary work for us and she's not even a member yet. such a miracle! I know the spirit directed me to that house, and she's has been prepared for many years to receive the restored gospel of Jesus Christ!! We are now teaching her, and she is going to get baptized. so yeah how about that? and also, she is obsessed with reading the same kind of books that mom is.. anyways about 5 minutes after we visited her, she flipped open this book about personal improvement, and the first paragraph she read was about Joseph Smith and our church. she thought that was a sign that maybe she should read what we gave her too! Also, what she does for a living is sells natural medicines just like mom! I told her it was such a blessing to meet her because, even though I don't have my actual mom, I have someone just like her!
The spirit has been really strong this week. We don't have any new investigators besides her. (Susan)....but we have had a lot of really sweet potentials and referrals for once! it's so amazing when the hard work actually produces some results that you can immediately see. We are taking Spencer's advice, and working with less actives like crazy. We have gotten the ward to have a night in a couple weeks, where we go and share a message with a bunch of  different less actives. 
P-day was awesome. we spent the day in Nottingham with a few sets of Elders, and just hung out, got some a new backpack and some other stuff that I needed.  We climbed the roof of our flat, because we were really bored, and found a sweet cave thing hidden in the attic! it was awesome! Elder Pauly was called to be a district leader on monday and he is way upset! he wanted to slip by his mission without any leadership, who knows why because he is going to be an awesome DL. 
I got informed this week that the more it rains while finding people, the better looking our wives are going to be. so..Due to all of the rain.. watch out Harris family, i'm going to have a smoking hot wife :)
that's about it for the week! I love you all so much!! I love reading mom's blog, seeing all of your faces, and hearing about how you are all doing! take care this week, and go and support the baseball team please!! 
Love you!
Elder Harris
p.s. sorry for no pictures again..I forgot that my battery is charging in the flat. next week double! 






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