Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Family that I love and miss everday!!
What a week for Elder Pauly and I! we have been truly blessed this week, and our hard work has payed off. We were able to find 3 new investigators this week! One is a lady named Allison, who really needs the gospel. She has been commited to baptism on the 22nd of June, so keep her in your prayers! we have only had one lesson with the other two, and I will keep you updated with how they are progressing as we continue to teach them.
This week we continued to see Susan, the girl from last week who was such a miracle. She is such an amazing woman, and has been prepared basically her whole life to receive this gospel.  We taught her about the restoration on thursday, and everything just made so much sense to her. she has always thought her whole life, it didn't make sense that heavenly father, jesus, and the holy ghost were the same person, and loved hearing that she was right! When Elder Pauly asked her to commit to baptism on the the 15th of june, she said "I thought it was going to take me 2 years of coming to church everyday, committing basically no sins" and then we explained to her that she was definitely ready! She started crying! she is so exited to get baptized, and felt the spirit so strong that she coudln't talk for like 5 minutes! it was almost like someone was asking a girl to get married, they cry for 5 minutes and then say yes. It was so amazing, and we all felt the spirit on fire! I know without a doubt, that we were sent to that home, because she has been prepared to receive the restored gospel.  She came to church on sunday, and loved it! she loves singing hymns, and the sacrament meeting. We are so exited and so blessed to have been able to have the opportunity to find Susan. 
I finally got the package this week at zone conference!! Dad, thank you so much for your package! I definitely did need some new scriptures, and the popcorn is awesome as well. more than anything though, I appreciated your testimony at the beginning of my scriptures. I really felt the spirit testify to me that the things you had written down are true. and I already knew they were true! I am so grateful to have you in my life, as someone who teaches me by example, how I need to love my savior, and this gospel, and receive the blessings that the restoration has to offer to us. thank you so much dad, I love you!
At zone conference it was so weird hearing the departing testimony's. I'm so grateful that I still have so much time to learn, and grow to become the missionaries that they are as they are leaving. it was so interesting to here the difference in their testimonies, but one thing that all of them had in common, was their testimony of the savior, his atonement, and the book of mormon. 
I'm getting really comfortable teaching by the spirit. It's really cool and undescribable! all I know is I'm not thinking at all, and words are coming out of my mouth that make perfect sense! I am blessed to have the spirit with me everyday. 
We are moving out of our current flat, because it's basically falling apart. something pretty cool- Elder Ballard served in Eastwood, and it's possible that he used the same flat that I'm in now! crazy eh? but even though it's possible that an apostle was in the same flat, i'm exited to leave because it's kind of a dump haha. 
I'm glad you guys had fun in Idaho, and that's so cool that Spence and all of his friends are kickin' it just like old times! J.P. told me that he got to play ball with spencer and catch up a little bit!
Not much else to add this week family, sorry! Just know that My testimony has grown so much even just this week. I know that if we work hard and listen to the spirit, we don't have to do much else! I love this gospel, and am loving every second in Eastwood. Love you so much!! Have a good week, Mom, sell some houses for me :) Thank you for supporting the t-wolves this week! Means a lot to me and to them! Take Care
Elder Harris.

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