Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Letter from Sam...pics at END :)

family!! WHAT UP!!
so mothers day is obviously this week!! and I will most likely be calling at around 4:00 birmingham time... I hope that's o.k!! it's going to have to be, because I really want to go to the members house that we're going to.
Holy cow spencer is home! that is so nuts! I miss him soooo much! and can't imagine how outstanding a missionary he was while he was out here on the field! that's so funny that ashlyn, taylor, and brynn went on dates with spencer's friends! that's rad! who did spencer take? how is he doing? be honest is he weird? If he's weird, it means he was a good missionary. so that's ok :) seeing the pictures of everyone made me a little trunky, but then my companion slapped me and said hey, quit being sad haha so i've been doing good ever since then!!
This week has been my favorite on the mission so far! a lot of really great things happened! I got a European style hair cut that looks pretty fresh I must say. this kid in my district cuts hair. we're a little worried that he's in the 2% because guys shouldn't be able to cut hair like he does haha.  We went to Derby on Monday and went to the big shopping mall there, and got some pretty sweet stuff. I got mike some shoes for his birthday, but unfortunately he's gonna have to wait a couple months.  We eat doner's probably twice a week! I love them so much holy cow. On wednesday we helped a less active move. here's the situation. she didn't tell her husband she was moving out, because she was afraid of what he would do to her, and so she called up the ward and said basically 'I need to pack up everything and be out of here in 3 hours. so I need as much help as possible!' so there we're probably 25 of us in her small home packing up her stuff, hauling it to her moving truck, and trying to get out of there before the husband arrived. thank goodness we did, and then moved all of the stuff in her new apartment. that's going to be quite a shock for the husband to walk in to his house and see that more than half of the stuff in the house is gone! sad situation and she was crying mostly the whole morning! keep Maria in your prayers. 
At district meeting on thursday, we ripped up dirty church shirts, and wrote on them our title of liberty! sweetest idea ever from my district leader, and now I carry it around with me everywhere! the spirit was so strong in the meeting as we all shared why and what we wrote on our each individual title's of liberty.  My favorite member went to the temple on saturday for the first time after getting baptized last year! and it was so great to hear all about her experience and it strengthened my testimony a ton.  Friday was so weird knowing the spencer had slept at our home! but on friday we went to Birmingham to have a meeting for the trainers and the greenies! it was so good to be reunited with all of my friends from the MTC, and also meet a bunch of new friends as well serving in the mission! this mission is full with amazing missionaries.. and is now the biggest mission that has ever been in Europe (number of missionaries)
Edward isn't really progressing. he is still smoking, and would feel uncomfortable at church because he does have to smoke! we are fasting and praying for him, and hopefully things pick up again with him! We saw Reg. and Kitty again on saturday! and they are always so great to be around, and so hilarious! we are planning on teaching them the restoration tomorrow!
Yesterday for p-day we made a harlem shake video that is pretty hilarious and I will try and get it posted as soon as it is ready! I love the mission! we have so much fun together! yesterday when we were on our way to play football, I had a prompting to knock on a door, however, Elder Pauly and I we're not in our proselyting clothes, and the impression I got was that we needed to knock on her door on our way back from playing football. We knocked on her door on our way back, and she had just walked in the door 30 seconds before we knocked! we then asked her if she was relgious.. the usual.. yada yada, then she preceded to tell us that she only listens to the holy spirit so she probably wouldn't listen to what we had to say! we started laughing and then explained to her we believe the exact same thing, she was super stoked to read the book of mormon and asked us to please come back and visit her soon this week! how cool is that?? another miracle! ~
yesterday we had to break into a members home because she gave us the wrong key to feed her cat while she's on holiday. that doesn't look fishy at all when two men who they've never seen before are breaking into their neighbors home! haha so many people we're getting upset at us. it was hilarious!
Everything is still going great! I love my family more than anything in the world, and you all mean so much to me. I can't wait to hear from you guys on sunday for mothers day!
Love you so much!
p.s. I've lost 15 lbs in England.. weird huh? i guess we just bike all the time or something! also, i found ramen.. so don't send me that! but still orville redenbacker would be nice!! Love you!

 Something about just SEEING where he is really brings me peace.
 Also seeing that they are still SO REAL and being BOYS does the same for me..

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