Sunday, August 11, 2013


 Sheri and THESE KIDDOS showed up on Wednesday!!! and then the OTHER cousins came:)
 Pretty much just been a FUN FUN FUN PLAYFEST , FOOD FEST, LOVE FEST!!!! YOU are so missed LOVEY!!!!
 Isaac making sure HERMAN REPRESENTS!
 Somebodies are sleeping in your BED!!!!
 Crazy how BIG everyone has gotten this summer!

 Pretty much EVERYONE has a BIT of a sunburn:)
 Grahman the MAN.....heading to Kindergarten in a few weeks!

 Just living in our swimsuits :)

 Somebuddies in MY BED!!!! Grateful they are sleeping when I take MY turn :)
 We had the annual TALENT show. Drew was the HOST....
 Audry sang Adele's ROLLING IN THE DEEP
 Hysterical! Graham sang macklemore's THRIFT SHOP...YOU would have laughed till you cried!
 Ellie Bellie did a STAR STEPPER Dance routine:)
 Will. I. AM shot some hoops!
 Isaac did 2 amazing card tricks...REALLY...
 The whole family gathered on the basketball court for the SHOW!

 Laikyn did this COOL CUP and SONG routine :)
 GrandDad paid them 300 pennies a piece for their work
 Brother the BEAUTIFUL! Making sure Ryan represents :)
 The other brother and the beautifuls....
 Yep....8 at night and Momma is STILL in her workout clothes and no makeup....was the PERFECT kind of day....Spencer wishing you were here so you could go hit a bucket before dark xxooxx
 A main attraction when they are water logged.
 Da Fam. Missing Mom and Kelly. Preston, Jeremy, Me, Sheri, Dad.

 Truly our yard I MY HEAVEN....the kids love every part of it as much as I do I think. Tonight we will break out the smores:) After the peach cobbler that is:)

 Josh b Gosh playing with the littles:)

 Graham goes down the slide by himself now.
 William and Graham have NO BODY FAT so after a few hours of swimming they need to hot tub to warm up!
William expressing the JOY of these few days for us all!!

Everyone is here until Monday night and Sheri goes home on Tuesday morning.  Its been a lot of talking and laughing and EATING and then starting all over again. Its SO GREAT to have all the kids old enough to really tend to themselves...they just start hovering when they are hungry...we bust out the next allotment of food and then they scatter to play ALL OVER the place. This is my heaven.
I really have mostly taken off since Thursday ...I did a Medicene cabinet makeover and went to a dinner celebrating hitting GOLD Rank and that's been it. Tuesday I'm gonna be swamped and maybe a bit panicked...but I'll just wait till then:)

I wish you could call to talk to everyone. We have missed you the entire time, but when we went to PF Changs with Michael there was an empty space....when we had the talent show... and empty space...when I made homemade mac n cheese...empty space...when this golf tourney we were suppose to be at in NY came on today...empty space....we are almost to the 6 month mark...almost. Everyone is great. Everybody is about interesting and GOOD things. So perfect to set ALL THOSE THINGS ASIDE and just BE together.

You are SO LOVED!!! Can't wait to hear about your week! Hope it wasn't too many pics.
Da Momma

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