Monday, August 5, 2013

Email from Sam the most ADORABLE MAN 5 August 2013

hey homies!
So believe it or not... I'm training a new missionary!! In the middle of Zone Conference on Wednesday he pulled me aside and said he was just really moved by the spirit to ask me to train! so on Wednesday I get a greenie! woo hoo! I am really nervous because I've only been out 4 months.. but I know that if I stay worthy of the spirit and keep having effective personal and companionship study me and my new companion are going to kill it! I'm really exited for the miracles we are going to see together.  I'm not sure what area I will be in, we are finding out tonight! so you won't know until next monday, but I'll be exited to show you pics of my new companion and my new area! (Unless I stay in Eastwood, which would be an awesome miracle)
This week we saw another miracle.  We shared an extremely spiritual evening with some members in our ward called the Evans.  Brother Evans who used to be the bishop in Eastwood was motivated to do missionary work after this night we had together.  He was inviting everyone at work to church with him, and one of them accepted! his name is Nathan Rigley, and he wants to get baptized! He's a way cool guy, and his wife will be sitting in with us on the next lesson which is on tuesday. Where we will then hopefully commit his wife to baptism as well! miracles are happening!
Zone Conference was unreal. seriously so good. 'The desire to baptize will consume my thoughts and actions', the 5 doors to open the door for the savior are
scripture study
broken heart and contrite spirit
holiness-honoring personel convenants we've made with god. 
When we can master all of these things we become extremely effective tools for the lord.
I'm sorry I don't have very much time to write today! All of the computers at the liabrary are booked for little kids. so basically I love you guys all so much. So glad to hear that everyone is having a good time with summer! Megs!! you look adorable in that selfie! That's my sister :) :) How is Laura doing?? I will write you more if I time later. but please pray for Nathan Rigley and his wife, Kevin rymall, Dawna---(not progressing) and for my new companion whomever it will be! and also pray for me that I wont' be nervous training my new companion and we can just have a blast together. Love you guys forever and then some!
Elder Harris.

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