Monday, August 19, 2013

From Sam 19 August 2013

Hey family! Elder Pogue and I had an outstanding week, we found 5 new Investigators, only 1 was at church, but it was still amazing that we were able to find so many new people to teach.  3 of them are a family we found on wednesday.  We went to go visit a less active who has been nasty to the missionaries in the past, and she was actually so happy to see us! she said that she has started praying again and trying to come back to church, and that us showing up just solitified her decision that it was the right thing for her! while we were talking to her, her friend Sean was there, and he started asking us a bunch of questions, he called us after and asked if we could come over and teach his family about our church! Also, another investigator we found, is a man called Matt. Matt was getting extremely upset at us for sharing the gospel to everyone we saw in the marketplace of Ilkeston, and so he started letting go his frustrations of how that wasn't right and what not. We got talking to him, and we were able to answer a lot of his questions, leading to him inviting us over to his house tomorrow. So that was a really interesting experience but it was rad. I felt like alma and Amulek talking to Zeezrom.  My joy was similar to Ammon's joy in Alma 27:17. It's absolutely amazing to be sharing the gospel, and for a few people to actually listen.  The work is picking up so much since I've been with Elder Pogue. GREENIE POWER!! haha If you guys can't tell, I love the book of mormon and continually relate my experiences to those I find from Alma, Amulek, Ammon, Aaron, etc.
Thursday I had interviews with my Mission President, President Rasmussen. I just want to let you guys know that he is amazing, and definitely called of god. He sincerely cares about each and every one of us, and I am in good hands. I love Sister Rasmussen even more! They are just extremely loving and I'm blessed to be serving while they are our mission president, and mission mom. 
Saturday we had our lesson with Sean and his family, and Sean is going to be baptized on the 14th of September, and we'll see when the rest of his family is going to do the same.  it was an amazing week! that's all I have to report. I love all of you so much. I love the gospel, and I have such an amazing oppurtunity to wake up everyday and invite other people to enjoy the good news we share, and to use the atonement.  Have a sickkkk week family and enjoy the pool for me. 
Elder Harris
p.s. I really miss the mountains, so dad and Josh, you guys were right...

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