Sunday, August 4, 2013


 Pam, Kayla, Cherie and Addie came for the weekend. They had tickets to BRUNO MARS. We had tickets to Brad Paisley but gave them to Spencer and we got to stay home and babysit Addie. Man, just gave me I WANNA BE A GRANDMAITIS super bad. She is SOOOO Darling. It did break my heart that she LOVED Dad...pretty much wanted nothing to do with me. Just Dad. Funny when kids are like that. She said 100 things I loved. "come here LALY", "I DO, I LIKE IT", "more".....
 Megan got this pic of Mike when crossing paths in town.
 Great selfie  INSTAGRAM of Megs....
What a week. ( I MISSED YOU BAD!!! And then sweet Ruby posted her video of you and the pics of you and I want to kiss her lips for it!!!)  I just got up from this AMAZING NAP and boy does life look merrier! I even feel like I might be able to make the rest of the 18 months without you!!! The sun is shining and there is a slight breeze...YUM!  My body NEEDED that nap!  Some days I feel my 50 more than others.  I ran 10 down the canyon with Sara and Kim--makes me sad for people who miss morning coming. It was GLORIOUS!  I was filled to the brim with JOY at the beauty and then to laugh and run and share with my besties! It's hard to laugh and run...but SO FUN!!! I could make most of the things Sara says into a T-SHIRT---this morning it was "HEY...I ONLY DABBLE in reality"!! You know what? Me too! The world I LIVE in is so much sweeter at times than the one I bump up against when I watch the news or the one I see even in people around me.

With Do Terra, end of month has become quite stressful. Glad to have July over! I plan to hit my rank advancements earlier in the month if at all possible cuz the stress is STRESS. I tell myself its OK if I don't advance...but its NOT OK when my team wants to and needs to.... I am proud and relieved to say I hit the rank of GOLD!!! Next is Platinum. Then DIAMOND. I plan to be Diamond before years end. I have the most awesome sauce team...I keep being so surprised by how much I really love the BUSINESS of the whole thing. Who woulda thunk????  Real Estate has me swamped with some exciting projects as well. Life is good. Just want summer to last way longer...I feel like I haven't had near enough friend and pool time. I did make the discovery that many of our couple friends don't like pool time the way I do. I would like to blow body image thoughts to smitherines for so many of them...the WHOLE REASON they don't want to come is because of wearing a bathing suit. Like I care?? Like OTHERS care??? I could go on crusade to assist people in loving their own bodies. I KNOW I want to be 20 pounds lighter...but it doesn't keep me from the JOY of the water or friends!!!

My book this week (along with still working through RESOLVED) is this stretch your heart, make your head do a dance, I SO GOT THIS, Network marketing book-- that Ed McGarr told me about-- He is promoting ACN...entitled GO PRO by Eric Worre. I just never gave Network Marketing any real credence. UNTIL DO TERRA. I had so many mental hangups about network marketing.  But many of the companies out there have exceptional products, and the build of some of the businesses are just SMART. As a missionary I think you'd LOVE this read. In many ways our goals are the and understanding. We act as consultants offering suggestions on how people can have a better life. Malcolm Gladwell said in his book OUTLIERS that it takes 10,000 hours of practice to reach the EXPERT LEVEL at anything. With four hours a day (MANY DAYS I WORK MUCH MORE) it will take me 7 years to be an expert. I will have so wound down by then...I THINK. ( Learning NEVER to make cut and dried plans :)

I am still studying the course in MIRACLES. Wow. That's all I'v got to say. WOW. So much to grasp while we are here. So much and so MANY to LOVE.

I heard this heart stirring quote from a friend,  told to her by a  mother whose 14 year old son came to her to tell her he was gay...this mother was still working it out in her heart between her religion and her mothers love for him..."If things were meant to be seen merely as black and white, WHY is there now COLOR everywhere I look?"  This was just mentioned to me in passing but has cemented itself deep.  I am the girl who sees COLOR everywhere I look.  I want to share the colors God gave me to see.  She went on to say how SUDDENLY her whole world was colored differently when it was HER son. I wonder at the beauty of a plan that allows us to come and  peek into the worlds of others and see THEIR colors. I tend to more easily embrace those who can see the other colors with me. And yet many more colors are still for me to see? So thrilled my soul is ETERNAL!!!

I am quieted by how many people I know have died this year. Another man I have had recent business dealings with has passed. I laugh when I think I don't want to be here at 90 like Grandad...but my goodness...I want every day to 80....where in there does it get no so desirable? Guess I'll see. I'm thinking its once all your friends have passed and you are wanting to be at THAT party on the other side instead of here...AND if the body makes it so others are needing to tend it. Who knows? I can only guess. I still smile to think of GrandDad always keeping a woman to love till the end. A brilliant man.

I love you Buddy. Tomorrow morning is the last call for you to tell me stuff for in your package. It will be mailed Monday afternoon :) I LOVE YOU!!! I wish I was sticking to MY PLAN and coming to VISIT you to celebrate this birthday. But I love you enough to respect and honor YOUR plan. Damn I'm a GOOD MOM :) I LOVE YOU!! Did I tell you HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU???? Excited to hear what you have created in your week and who you've been loving. AND if you know where you are heading next????
Da Momma

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