Monday, August 26, 2013

Harris' LOVE them some SEATTLE :)

 Ryan has nothing to do with Seattle, but thought you'd like this pic :)
 These are SO not in order...our last activity of the whole trip was the sweet Mariners game... though they lost even with Spencer coaching them from the crowd. I LOVE Seattle...I hope we come back and do EVERYTHING we did with YOU all over again!
 See the darling little boy behind Josh? He is special needs...a nearby crowd member caught the foul ball and just randomly gave it to THIS boy...he was there with visiting family...made me and his grandmom teary. SO MANY GREAT PEOPLE in OUR WORLD!!!
 Just being.....
 The weather could NOT have been more perfect....
 These older women made me smile. I will be SO INTERESTED when I get to the other side to hear the stats on how effective these efforts are....
 This was part of the SCI FI room in the Music Experiment Museum...we could have spent ALL DAY here (well, maybe not Dad) but the rest of us LOVED this place...

 We recorded our own family BAND...THE PEASANTS with PITCHFORKS singing I LOVE ROCK n ROLL...a DVD to find its way to YOU soon! You are SOOOO going to laugh...keep your eyes on MEGAN!
 Yep...WE ROCK!
 Megs and I were suppose to be out "running"...but the blackberry bushes EVERYWHERE on the gorgeous path were BURSTING with sweetness and we got just a little distracted   :)
 We Kayaked around this island and it was shear DELIGHT!!! A harbor seal lead us out of the marina and followed us for  a long while, and we saw porpoises and made KELP HORNS and Megan tasted the Kelp....we are so going to do this with YOU!

 I got to find and bring home some super d dooper ROCKS!....found on this beach
 Up at this scenic look out where you can see the lake, the sound and the ocean ALL from one spot!
 My mountain climbers!

 JAMMING in a session room at the music museum :)
 Megan and the skyline and all of us having some fun GREY'S ANTAMONY they are our REAL friends :)
 SOMETHING in Seattle got a hold of me and was tearing me poor eyeballs are STILL Swollen and aching...but it was WORTH IT!

 Yep...this is DISGUSTING...layers and layers of peoples gum stuck in the wall...but yet, also somehow so...So...WHAT?????
 You can imagine how happy I was to be DONE with my bet with Robyn and to eat my way through PIKE'S market!!!!
 Ohhhhhh....I wanted me some of these fleurs.....but no way to get them home safe...the prices were UNREAL!
 Fascinating jelly fish at the Aquarium
 The Music Museum ahead...
 Sculpture inside...Yea...THAT'S YOUR MOMMA...she ROCKS..... xxooxxooxxooxx
 The Sequoia turned over 200,000 miles on the trip
 Learned crazy cool stuff about how when it comes to puzzles they are smarter than even Monkeys! Trueville. I will tell you more later.
Michael and Spencer on the Ferry heading to Coupeville on Widby Island Day 1

Love bug...I am about to drop I am so tired. Came back and had to make up lots of stuff today. I will make up for it next week with more pics and more news. But really....the only news was...we had an AMAZING TIME...but WE MISSED YOU LIKE CRAZY...if your ears were burning  or your nose itching the WHOLE week...its cuz we couldn't keep you out of our conversations or our thoughts or our hearts. You da BABY, and we LOVE OUR BABY. Hurry Home! Until then...create your own kind of AMAZING!

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