Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Sam the ELDER Man....27 Aug 2013

hey family!
so I found out this week, that for some reason, when people from the U.S. send a parcel to othe U.K., they charge 20% of whatever you paid in the states, onto the fee when I receive it in the U.K., so that's why it's going to take a little bit for me to get my packages. unfortunately I won't be getting them for a week! but that's ok with me! I'm way exited to receive them.  It's kind of weird that it's my birthday on thursday! because it's just going to be a normal day. but that's totally fine! i've had 18 other birthday's haha
this week was good. Elder Pogue and I are getting along really great and I am so lucky to have him as a companion. He came to the mission pre-trained, he's probably already a better teacher than I am and we are best friends! such a blessing.  We taught Sean this week. He quit a bunch of things pertaining with the word of wisdom, without us even teaching him about it! He just felt like it was wrong, and then those things weren't exiting to him anymore! pretty fantastic! I'm so exited for his baptism, and so is he! He just needs to come to church on sunday, which he was never to exited about. Please pray for him to come to church with us on Sunday! also, please bless that he will desire to have the rest of his family take the lessons with him.  He has 3 kids that could all learn about the gospel and join him in the waters of baptism, so please pray for that to happen!  On Saturday, I taught English classes to the hispanic people in our ward (and one mongolian). It was great! we had 6 people show up, and hopefully we will have more and more every week. It was so fun to be able to speak spanish with them, and to teach them simple phrases in English  that will help them while they are at work, and with new mates and what not. 
My hair grew back.. WOO!!!
This morning we found a new investigator named Matt, so please pray for him to be receptive. Yesterday we met the nuttiest guy ever named Bruce.  He loves the osmonds, and because he loves them so much "He considers himself a mormon" haha he told us he knows with all his heart the book of mormon is true and he already lives the word of wisdom, but I think he is more interested in the osmonds than he is with any thing else. we will see! definitely one of the funniest half hours of my life!   Nothing is really happening at the moment with the Kerr's, or with Jay. Jay just got off holiday, but seemed less than exited to have us around again this week, but that doesn't mean were not going to try haha. 
Dad- I don't need any new trousers or clothing at the moment, and there is plenty of money in the account. I will be using the money to pay off the packages that I get for my birthday because of that U.K. Policy thingy. anyways guys I love you sooooo much. I'm stoked that you guys had a good time in Seattle. I had no idea that you guys were even going to Seattle, but it looks like it was a way good time. but let's be honest, any time all of us get together it's a good time. just don't have to much fun without me ;) Have a sweet week you guys!

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